Season 1

Cipher Vision Podcast Season 1, this season is aimed to unleash the strategic value of patents and explain why patents are such a good data source.

Cipher Vision Podcast Season 1

Investing in the Future of Technology

Investing in the Future of Technology features two of Cipher’s directors. They share their knowledge on communication with the board and ESG.

The End of Accounting

Episode 9, Season 1, The end of accounting features Dr Baruch Lev, author and retired professor NYU. He shares his knowledge about strategic assets and patents.

An Era of IP transparency

Episode 8, Season 1 of the Cipher Vision Podcast series features David Kappos, a former director of the USPTO.

Patent Risk In Context

Episode 7, Season 1 of Cipher Vision Podcast series is Patent Risk In Context. It features the CEO of RPX Dan McCurdy.

Importance of an IP Mindset

Episode 6, Season 1
The importance of an IP mindset is the sixth episode of podcast series Cipher Vision. It features Bowman Heiden co-director at CIP.

The Rise of IP Strategy

Featuring Suzanne Harrison – IP strategy expert and author of Einstein in the Boardroom, and Edison in the Boardroom. Suzan talks about the rise of IP strategy in the last two decades.

Capitalism Without Capital

Episode 4, Season 1
Capitalism without capital for patents is the fourth episode of the podcast series Cipher Vision and features Jonathan Haskel

Return on Investment

Our guest Jonathan Liu discussed how to best use data to calculate a return on investment on a patent portfolio.

Storytelling with Data

Our guests discuss the importance of being able to demonstrate the value of patents within a business.

The Road to Evidence-based Decisions

In this first-ever episode, Cipher CTO Steve Harrisexplains how the solutions which technology brings are as vital as the technology itself.