Storytelling with Data

April 26, 2021

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For this episode we were joined by two industry experts:

They discussed the topic with the Cipher Vision podcast hosts, who are:

Podcast highlights

Daryl: Patents are a complicated subject to learn. We have to go through the same as any other company. We have to demonstrate the value of the patents to our business even being an IP business.

Francesca: Daryl, you very kindly gave us the title of this podcast storytelling with data.

It was when we were interviewing you for our benchmarking patent portfolios report. In that report, we found that over half of the companies actually struggle to get hold of data.

Daryl: One of the challenges we’ve had along the path of developing all our stories is around practices. Businesses have their own internal languages, processes, acronyms and business areas. The ways of dealing with information and patents were the same. What is the value in patents and what it can bring to the business?

Francesca: When we are talking about a complex topic of patents, storytelling can give us a way forward. People tell us stories, we remember them and we can relate to them.

Jared: An analogy we used, thinking of patents as almost like nuclear weapons and how you think about the military landscape of the world.

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