LexisNexis Cipher Classifiers – Get Your View of the Technology Space

June 20, 2023

Cipher Classifications

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Ever wondered how you could get your view of the technology space without long boolean strings or manual tagging?

We are excited to announce that you can get your view of the technology space in LexisNexis® PatentSight® with LexisNexis® Cipher Classifiers.  Classifiers are defined by you and deliver your view of the patent landscape always pulling through the latest patents. No more manual tagging or complex boolean strings.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why classifiers are the way forward to manage your patent portfolio more effectively
  • What is classification and classifiers?
  • How do the classifiers work, how are they built?
  • How can do organisations with classifiers use them?
  • The experience of using classifiers in PatentSight

Cipher Classifiers are built using AI and Machine learning to ensure you have the latest patents in your classifier. Classifiers are automated so you don’t have to do anything to get the latest results and they are much easier to build and use.

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Get actionable insights for strategic decision making

Want to become more effective at managing your patent portfolio, identify worldwide relevant patents and technology trends, assess the competitive landscape, and find partners and licensing opportunities?

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