How Vulnerable Are You? The Ultimate Brand Protection Checklist 

How Vulnerable Are You? The Ultimate Brand Protection Checklist 

How protected is your brand against abuse and misuse? In today’s vast digital landscape, every brand is vulnerable to intellectual property infringement in all its forms—from selling counterfeit goods or parallel imports to social media impersonation and, in some cases, phishing. Learn how to protect your brand with the ultimate brand protection checklist.

Access this brand protection checklist and determine your level of brand protection—or where you may be unknowingly exposed. This list includes information on:

  • Steps to take ahead of selling in a new market
  • How to facilitate protection when dealing with resellers and distributors
  • A list of channels you need to be continually monitoring

Access the Brand Protection Checklist

Make your brand resilient

A recent analysis of more than 100,000 online infringement and other abuse cases over a one-year period found that 25% of brand abuse is part of a systemic brand abuse network. The analysis also showed that in just six months unabated brand abuse network connections increased by 30% while the number of digital brand abuse network nodes grew by nearly 10x.

To alleviate growing mistrust in the digital marketplace and to match the effort and sophistication of modern brand abusers, LexisNexis® Brand Protection uses advanced machine learning to link visible and non-visible digital markers, uncovering entire abuse networks and accelerating the review, triage, and prioritization of brand abuse.

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