Ensuring More Quality in Less Time for Patent Drafting

Ensuring more quality in less time for patent drafting


Quality and efficiency matter more today than ever before. Automate and streamline the process of patent drafting by creating high-quality patent applications and generating office action responses with PatentOptimizer®.

“PatentOptimizer® helps me to correct the information I need to do at my job, quickly and easily.” – Nikhil S Reddy, Senior Associate of K&S Partners

K&S Partners are a leading full-service Intellectual Property law firm advising clients from around the world. Unmatched in their in-depth domain expertise, they assist their clients in protecting and enhancing the value of their IP assets. Their client focused teams are uniquely placed to serve client needs critical to their business. They have a pan-India presence with five offices across the country and 110 plus professionals. Their strong ties with associate firms in India’s neighboring countries have made them a one-stop-shop for IP services in these countries.

Learn how K&S Partners uses PatentOptimizer to draft better quality patent applications, with fewer errors, more quickly and

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Streamline your workflow with advanced patent drafting tools

Learn how to create high-quality patent applications before they are submitted for examination.

Write high-quality patents with precision

Automate the review process and eliminate the need for manual draft reviews. By quickly and effectively checking all parts of a patent application draft, from patent claims to patent drawings and everything in between, PatentOptimizer® generates comprehensive error reports, revealing the actions users can take to fortify their applications before submissions to the USPTO.

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