A Handbook for Patent Data Quality

The Prerequisite for Reliable Patent Analytics

March 26, 2021

Many issues affect the quality of patent data that is available from open-source patent databases. One of the most important data points contained in a patent document is the field containing the “applicant name”. Mistakes in this field can cause patents to be assigned to the wrong commercial entity and lead to incorrect corporate decision making, costing companies valuable resources. As pioneers in the field, and based on years of extensive collaborative research, LexisNexis® PatentSight® has developed a unique and industry-trusted approach toward ensuring consistent high data quality. Read our “Handbook for Patent Data Quality” to find out how we curate our patent database to enable our users to extract reliable and actionable insights.

Major topics covered in the handbook for patent data quality:

  • Common issues found in patent data
  • Consequences of relying on bad data
  • The PatentSight® unique approach toward data cleaning

Read the Handbook for Data Quality

Provide actionable insights to support strategic decision-making

Effectively communicate the value of your IP with powerful insights and visualizations, enabling you to turn your patent department into a strategic consulting unit.

Taking patent analytics out of the ‘black box’

With LexisNexis® Intellectual Property Solutions, you benefit from a highly transparent scientific approach to patent data analysis. Forget opaque algorithms and analytics ‘black boxes’, we can show you exactly how we reached at our insights. Patent analytics solution, PatentSight®, is built on the foundation of ground-breaking validated research, which is often cited in leading scientific publications.

Brought together in the patent value indicator, the Patent Asset Index™, this objective approach to assessing patent quality and benchmarking patent portfolios has become a de facto standard in measuring portfolio strength.

High-quality data: a prerequisite for reliable patent analysis

LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions validates and quality-assures patent data by assigning patents to their accurate commercial owners and verifying their legal validity and remaining lifetime.

Superior datasets allow you to unveil valuable patent insights and see clearly who wields commercial power over the inventions that underpin promising patents.

Patent analyses conducted with PatentSight have proven to be more reliable than analyses based on unprocessed patent data.

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