Cipher Certified Webinar

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About the webinar

Would you like to forge your own insight into the technology landscape using patent data, personalising and adapting your view to suit your unique needs and better manage your patent portfolio? At Cipher, our unique Machine Learning algorithm allows you to do exactly that.

Cipher Certified is all about the Cipher team enabling your team to develop an in-house capability around building your own classifiers – your view of the technology landscape – through a tailored training programme and ongoing support.

Our webinar, Cipher Certified: Build your own view of the Technology Landscape, covered the following key action points to help you build your patent custom taxonomy:

  • Why you need Classification and the associated benefits
  • How you can use Cipher Certified to take control of building your own Classifiers
  • How does Cipher Certified work? View a demonstration of the platform

What was covered:

  • Lexis Nexis Cipher: Who are we? 
  • Cipher Certified: How do we empower users?
  • Classifiers: What is our ML approach to identifying patents?



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