A case study of Palantir: Using Advanced Patent Analytics to Aid Investment Decisions

A Case Study of Palantir

Ninja Laufmann

April 29, 2019

In a  whitepaper LexisNexis® PatentSight® takes a deep dive into the portfolio of Palantir – one of Silicon Valley’s most secretive companies – to demonstrate how advanced patent analytics can be used to provide critical insights for investment decisions.

With revenues reportedly hitting just under $1 billion in 2018, Palantir is among Silicon Valley’s most successful start-ups. The data-mining specialist company is also considering an initial public offering that could value it as much as $41 billion, according to some banks – although this figure has fluctuated greatly in over the last few years. In light of this, the paper shows how patent analytics can provide a valuable glimpse at the bigger picture for investors.

Using LexisNexis® PatentSight®  Competitive Impact and Patent Asset Index, Palantir’s unique position on the market can be fully explored. We reveal that its patent portfolio is highly influential, despite its relatively small size, and that the company is likely to be a major disruptor in the data analytics industry. The analysis also offers crucial insight into how Palantir has developed its patent assets over time compared to major competitors, such as Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft.

Additionally, advanced patent analytics help to highlight and predict emerging areas of interest. The paper illustrates how Palantir’s focuses on particular technologies have changed over time and where its attention has begun to shift to. For example, it is revealed that in recent years the data-mining giant has concentrated its attention on natural user interfaces and that Apple, a pioneer in this field, has even cited a patent belonging to Palantir.

The whitepaper, Looking into the Digital Crystal Ball: Gaining Insights for Investment Decisions with Advanced Patent Analytics, shows how advanced patent analytics can reveal hidden intelligence that would otherwise be inaccessible and help investors to justify their decisions.

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