Strategically Defend or Invalidate Asserted Patents in Litigation

LexisNexis PatentOptimizer® for Litigators empowers patent litigators with the research and information they need.
Sophisticated analysis tools
Increase your chances of winning in patent litigation
Winning in Patent Litigation is paramount. The stakes are high and the money spent is significant. Draft more effective and persuasive claim construction arguments, locate damaging §112 anomalies, and quickly detect and analyze prosecution errors subject to ready exploitation.
Exclusive data and insight
Shift the odds in your favor with PatentOptimizer® for Litigators
Prevail in claim construction hearings by providing comprehensive intrinsic and extrinsic evidence to drive your claim construction arguments. Invalidate asserted patents by pinpointing fatal §112 errors, identifying obviousness issues and locating pertinent prior art that evidences lack of novelty. Identify tangential issues subject to exploitation including improper new matter in prosecution and double patenting.
Term Analysis Report
Intrinsic and extrinsic evidence
An auto-generated comprehensive terms report covering both intrinsic and extrinsic evidence—select elements directly from a patent claim or enter your own terms for analysis.
Compare Docs
Quickly identify changes that occurred during patent prosecution, including even the smallest of revisions between patent applications and patent grants.
Analytics and Reports
Generate as many as 10 different summary reports based on the analytics tools in the software to support invalidation arguments.
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