The All-New Semantic Essentiality Score is Here! A Redefined Approach to Determining Patent Essentiality

The All-New Semantic Essentiality Score is Here

March 23, 2022

The Semantic Essentiality Score (SES) is your guide to determining essentiality for individual patents or entire portfolios.

LexisNexis IPlytics has released a new feature to the IPlytics Platform – the leading solution for standard essential patents and standards contribution databases. This feature is called Semantic Essentiality Score (SES) and it will allow users to improve the way they work with standard essential patents. The IPlytics SES brings a redefined approach to determining the essentiality of patents and presents a first guide on how likely a patent is essential to the standard it is declared for. Using a semantic mapping of independent patent claims to standard sections, it gives you an essentiality score ranging from 1-100 with 100 being the most likely essential.

To commemorate the release, Tim Pohlmann, Founder and CEO of IPlytics, said: “Our team has been working very hard for the past several months to change the way IP Professionals deal with the old-age challenge of determining patent essentiality. The result is a very convenient approach to figure out where to start and where to spend your valuable resources. We are pleased to announce the Semantic Essentiality Score to the world so IP professionals everywhere can leverage tech to guide their decisions and save hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have already tested this feature with some alpha and beta-stage users and people are already employing SES in their upcoming negotiations and as a guiding force for their IP and SEP strategy.”

SES aims to give its users a headway into determining the essentiality of individual patents or patent portfolios and helps focus efforts, time, and money where actually needed. Consequently, organizations can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by optimizing their spend on outside counsel and subject-matter expertise.

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SES chart
Why should Patent Portfolio Managers, Licensing Executives, and IP Professionals care?

For Portfolio Management:

  • Use IPlytics SES to know what is more or less likely essential in your portfolio and your competitor’s
  • Keep track of your highest scoring granted patents so you never forget to renew them
  • Find your highest ranked declared patents and learn about the corresponding inventor contribution activity
  • Understand the likelihood of essentiality of declared patent applications early in the process

For Licensing and Business Development:

  • Using IPlytics SES, you can finally tackle the ETSI over-declarations
  • Review any declared patent portfolio for essentiality in seconds
  • Use IPlytics SES as a foundation for better calculation of FRAND rates for your licensing negotiations
How it Works?
  1. Get a semantic mapping of a patent and the standard to which it was declared
  2. Find the semantic similarity score for each declared patent and corresponding standard. Sort and filter to get the most likely essential patents, per standard or portfolio.
  3. Look at a side-by-side comparison of the most semantically matching independent patent claim and the standard section
  4. Refine your results and compare portfolios or single patents based on the score

IPlytics was founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2014, by Tim Pohlmann who is among the top IP strategists in the world and has appeared on the IAM 300 list consistently for three years now. IPlytics, with its suite of products and services, is often considered one of the premier thought-leaders in the world of patents and standards and is on a mission to overcome friction and complexity in data-led decisions for all professionals by being the transparent, accessible source of wisdom where patents and standards matter.

Learn more about IPlytics and its new feature Semantic Essentiality Score by scheduling a demo.

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