The 5th Intellectual Property Report of KPMG Law 2020/21

KPMG Law Intellectual Property Report 2021

6月 10, 2021

KPMG Law and LexisNexis release report summarizing findings from a joint study into the everyday challenges and best practices of global IP departments

 This report discusses the everyday challenges and best practices of IP departments around the world. KPMG Law conducted this study with a broad sample of corporate IP departments across industries worldwide. In its past editions, this report only included statistics about the operational aspects of these companies, but in this 2020/21 report, using the award-winning patent analytics tool LexisNexis® PatentSight®, researchers at KPMG Law compared these operational performance aspects and the respective company’s patent portfolio, based on proprietary PatentSight® patent quality metrics.

The report’s findings are granular operational information about the operations of global IP departments such as the number of full-time employees, the amount and type of work that gets outsourced to agencies, the costs of IP work and much more.

Intellectual property departments at companies all around the world play a crucial role in protecting the value generated by their inventors. As corporate innovation accelerates to meet the demands of an ever-evolving market, these IP departments are increasingly finding themselves short-staffed and with strapped budgets; leading them to look for strategic solutions that help them reduce costs and achieve their performance goals.

So how do you protect your valuable Intellectual Property, with these constraints?

Download this report to learn about:

  • Development and trends in the IP Department (including top priorities for the year 2020/21)
  • Organization of the IP department and its tasks
  • IP department activities
  • Costs of IP work
  • Cooperation with Law firms
  • A qualitative analysis of the performance of IP departments based on the quality of the patent portfolio owned by the company

Download the detailed, 130+ page report and find out more insights about the top IP departments around the world.

Read the full report

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