Protecting Value—2022-2023 KPMG Intellectual Property Report 

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August 8, 2023

By reviewing “The VI. Intellectual Property Report of KPMG Law,” valuable information can be obtained regarding the growth, composition, approach, and achievements of the IP department. This report provides a means to quantitatively assess the effect that the IP department’s organizational structure, procurement strategy, and other factors have on its internal and external expenditures and success. 

Heads of IP can use this information to assess their department’s structure and strategy. However, there is currently a lack of analysis on how these decisions affect the patent portfolio. To address this, KPMG Law and LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions have partnered to use LexisNexis® PatentSight®, our IP intelligence solution. By combining KPMG’s database with our metrics for evaluating patent importance, we can provide a thorough qualitative review. 

Within this detailed discussion, we present three preliminary results that we believe to be of interest, with relevance to growing the database further, looking at long-term effects and further verifying our proposed hypotheses. As can be seen in section 7 of the report, many of our tested hypotheses did not lead to conclusive and specific results. In the next few publications of the Intellectual Property Report, we will be able to explore these findings in greater detail, review their evolution over time and develop new theories.  

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