IAM SEP Summit

IAM Live SEP Summit 2024, against a backdrop of St Paul's Cathedral

Event details

Date: 11 – 12 September 2024
Location: London, UK
Official website: IAM SEP Summit

About the Event

The event organizers have listed these reasons for attending:

  • Our forward thinking, expert level conference will provide you with commercial and strategic insights into managing Europe’s volatile landscapeusing the UPC to your advantage, evaluating the UK High Courts role in FRAND disputes and much more. 
  • Join our interactive sessions to advance your approach and discover new and effective approaches to mastering the art of SEP licensing negotiations – specifically in emerging technology markets. 
  • Build valuable connections with more than 100 patent professionals including licensors, licensees, and their trusted legal advisers. 

LexisNexis Intellectual Property Presence

Representatives from the business will be in attendance and will be happy to introduce you to our range of Solutions.

Attending the Event?

Will you be at the event or in the area? Contact James Hunter, Sales Development Representative, [email protected] to arrange a meeting.

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