Episode 4: Avanci – Advancing Licensing

Evolving IP Podcast Series 1, Episode 4 - Avanci – Advancing Licensing showing guest Kasim Alfalahi CEO and founder of Avanci. joins us to discuss the contentious and litigious nature of SEPs.

May 30, 2024

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Episode 4 of the LexisNexis Evolving IP podcast features Kasim Alfalahi, CEO and founder of Avanci. 

Kasim joins us to discuss Avanci’s licensing approach, emphasizing the need for efficiency, simplicity, and predictable pricing for SEPs. In this episode, we address the contentious and litigious nature of SEPs, and the need to ensure a fair return on investment for innovators, while keeping costs manageable for technology users. 

Podcast Host


  • Tim Pohlmann, SEP Analytics Director, LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions 

Conversation Highlights

Efficiency as a driving factor for Avanci 

It’s both efficiency, but also simplicity.  

When you sign, the price is the same as the whole time during the lifetime of your agreement, which means that it is predictable. That’s easier for the company to manage their cost structure.  

On Standard essential patents being contentious and highly litigious 

I’m an engineer. So, I like to solve difficult problems.  

One of our core values is we are solution driven. At the end of the day, companies who create the technology deserve a return on their investment. If they don’t, there is a risk that they don’t continue innovating, it has to be the right return on their investment. being solution-driven. At the end of the day, companies that create technology deserve a return on their investment. If they don’t, there is a risk that they will not continue innovating. It 

And for the companies who are using the technology, the cost cannot be so high that it doesn’t work in their business model. So, finding the right balance and the right structure is what we do every day. 

Avanci as a licensing option 

We are just an option; we are not replacing anyone. 

If a licensee or a vertical or a company, whatever it is, if they prefer to do a licensing one on one bilaterally, I think that’s fine. If they choose to get a license from a platform, that’s fine, we’re just giving them an option. 

We continue to always think what kind of value we are bringing to the table. What is it we are doing? Why would they work with us? We must continue to bring value to this licensing space. 

On making sure that all parties feel that they are getting value 

We feel that the price at the end of the day is what the market decides. 

 This is a business decision. A lot of people, I feel, they treat licensing as a legal discussion, it is actually a business decision. And any business decision, doesn’t matter which company it is, they’re buying a product from a supplier or they’re selling. It’s all about where the market decides, as the price. 

What does the future hold? 

What we are doing is going to be more and more useful, because there are more companies creating the technologies and a lot of companies using the technology and it’s all global.  

I feel that there are a lot of areas and industries where our solution brings simplicity and efficiency to the market.  

We are going to continue to be solution-driven, innovative, humble, listen to everybody, and just improve every day. And Avanci means moving forward. So, we keep moving forward. 

Kasim’s Key Takeaway 

I would say that if a solution that you’re working on is complex, if you realize that it takes time to make it, my thinking is it means that you have picked a really important task or an important undertaking.  

Tim’s Key Takeaway

The licensing of so called standard essential patents is very challenging, especially when you approach new industry verticals, that may have never been before exposed to the standard essential patent licensing.  

I think we also learned that agreements can only be reached when both parties’ perspectives are well understood and represented. And I think a neutral party, which can be a patent platform, or patent pool can ensure a very well-balanced negotiation. 

I think Kasim and his team really build something that is creative. And I think that was needed in these times when we have complex issues. 

Essentiality Checks for Potential SEPs

Essentiality Checks for Potential SEPs

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