Employeepalooza: A Week of Fun, Music, and Memorable Moments

November 23, 2023

LexisNexis organizes Employeepalooza twice a year to promote a fun and welcoming culture that encourages teams to bond with each other. In its latest iteration, we celebrated Employeepalooza for an entire week, transforming our workplace into a hub of celebration. From the LexisNexis Music Lounge to virtual experiences and exciting contests, there were plenty of highlights to reminisce about from Employeepalooza 2023.

LexisNexis Music Lounge: Grooving to the Beats

The week kicked off on a high note with the LexisNexis Music Lounge, where DJ Tom Macari took us on a musical journey every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The electrifying 30-minute sessions had everyone grooving on their feet, setting the perfect tone for all the fun activities. It was a delightful break from the usual routine, and the positive energy reverberated throughout the office.

Virtual Experiences Across Time Zones: A Global Celebration

Tuesday and Thursday brought two exciting virtual experiences across three different time zones. Employees from various corners of the world came together for an immersive and interactive celebration. This fall, we gave our employees a guided virtual tour of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which gave them a peek into the culture and heritage of a historic city and its people. Later in the week, they joined the Great Scott game, where they moved across different time periods and solved riddles and ciphers in a game inspired by Back to the Future.

Photo and Video Contests: Showcasing Talent

Our team’s creativity was on full display in this portion of the Employeepalooza activities with the “So You Think You Can Dance” video contest. Participants wowed us with their impressive dance moves in 30 to 60-second videos.  The week also gave our teams to showcase their creative workspaces in the Best Work From Home/Desk Set Up photo contest. From minimalist setups to vibrant and eclectic workspaces, our team demonstrated that creativity knows no bounds.  Congratulations to all winners and participants for sharing your passion and making this contest a highlight of Employeepalooza!

Employeepalooza is more than just a series of events—it’s a testament to the vibrant and supportive community we’ve built together.  Most importantly, it was a perfect opportunity for our leadership team to shout from the rooftops how amazing and dedicated the organization has been to contributing to the goals we set out to achieve.

Employeepalooza is just one of the many benefits we enjoy here at LexisNexis, and we invite you to come and join our thriving and dynamic team.  If you are interested in learning more about our employee culture and how to join the team, visit our Careers page.

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