Communicating the Impact of Innovation

December 7, 2022

Our final Cipher Vision of the series:

In series two, we explored a huge range of topics, but all around communication. The need to communicate the importance of patents, but not as legal rights or trophies but as sources of risk to be managed and value to be maximized.

The success of the Cipher Vision series is pulling together a new genre of executives interested in patents not for what they are but what for what they can teach.

Cipher vision speaks to an audience grappling with disruptive technology innovation, the impact of AI and machine learning and diversity of thought. So my Cipher vision is simple, to provide a platform for those with different perspectives around intangible assets and IP to come together to share their passion for transparency and evolution.

Thanks Frankie, it’s been a blast. I can’t wait for series three. Thanks to all the audience for tuning into the series!

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