LexisNexis® Cipher Forms Basis of New Quantum Technology Research Paper

Cipher Forms Basis Of New Quantum Technology Research Paper

The authors of a newly-published research paper looking at quantum technology, have credited the LexisNexis® Cipher platform for enabling them to publish the study.

Global innovation and competition in quantum technology, viewed through the lens of patents and artificial intelligence, features in the International Journal of Intellectual Property Management.

The paper’s co-author, Professor. Dr. Kelvin W. Willoughby, commented: “the analysis of patent data using the AI tools embedded in Cipher enables a vastly superior analysis of emerging technology-related industry than other methods.”

The authors – Professor Willoughby and Zeki Can Seskir – were able to access the Cipher platform via our Academic Program.

Abstract of The Paper

In this work we elucidate international trends in the field of quantum technology (QT) by analyzing a global patent database built from an operational definition of QT that was generated through the curated application of artificial intelligence (AI).

In doing so, we demonstrate how the sophisticated use of intellectual property information, enhanced by the artful deployment of AI techniques, may produce more reliable and useful revelations for policymakers and managers about global innovation in emerging fields of technology than is possible through conventional methods of data collection and analysis.

We also demonstrate the utility of this approach for reliably characterizing the evolving constituent sub-fields of QT. By adopting a hybrid human-AI approach to both the definition and the analysis of QT, we have produced some novel insights about global innovation and national organizational profiles in the QT field, particularly concerning dynamic competition between the USA and China.

LexisNexis Cipher has received permission to make this study available for access.

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