Chasing Innovation ‘Unicorns’

Volvo Cars' Electrified Future

August 26, 2020

In this webinar, patent data from patents belonging to the technology field of  autonomous driving were studied and analyzed in order to explain – why Amazon decided to acquire Zoox, and its innovation, for approx. $1.2 billion! Apart from that our presenters also discussed other unicorn companies in this field that would make for great acquisition targets.

Since it is a common practice to file for patents much (at least 1-2 years) ahead of actual product roll-out, analysing patent data can help us in finding the crémé de la crémé of innovation leaders. Be it a small, obscure/unheard of company (like Zoox Inc.) that was only a fledgling start-up until a few years ago, or an established automotive OEM (like Volvo cars) that have made revolutionary advances into a new technology, to generate a viable return on innovation investment on their research expenses they have to file for patents to protect their rights . 

Using the LexisNexis® PatentSight® proven metrics, the presenters examine and discuss: 

  • An overview analysis of the autonomous driving patent landscape
  • A comparison of selected automotive OEMs and their portfolio in autonomous driving
  • A break-down analysis of Zoox’s patent portfolio in autonomous driving
  • The specifics of Amazon’s patent portfolio in autonomous driving before and after the acquisition
  • Implications for the automotive industry and other autonomous driving unicorns like Zoox Inc.

Read 6 Key Insights From Patent Analytics to Help Us Understand Why Amazon Bought Zoox to learn more.

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