Benchmarking Your Patent Portfolio: The Key to Your Patenting Strategy

Benchmarking Your Patent Portfolio: The Key to Your Patenting Strategy

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Listen as our experts discuss the importance of benchmarking your patent portfolio as the key to your patenting strategy.

98% of patent owners use benchmarking to support their patent strategy. Over half, however, complain about the time and expense of benchmarking, and almost the same number state that there is a lack of objective and reliable data.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear about the results of the LexisNexis® Cipher Benchmarking Survey, conducted in conjunction with IAM. This is the first global study specifically focused on understanding the role of benchmarking in patenting strategy and what best practice has developed.  With more scrutiny around patent portfolios, benchmarking is seen as a way to communicate patenting strategy to CFOs, CTOs and the business more generally.

The webinar covers the four key findings of the report:

  • Benchmarking is mandatory for patenting strategy
  • Understanding your competitors is a fundamental requirement of benchmarking
  • Benchmarking at the technology level is best practice
  • The main obstacles to benchmarking are cost, lack of objective and reliable data and time

Your speakers

Nigel Swycher , CEO, Cipher

Niall McMahon, Head of Research, Cipher

Anne McAleer, IP and Innovation Manager, Paragraf 

Gilbert Wong, Associate General Counsel, Patents, Facebook

Use cases enabled by patent analytics

Become more effective at managing your patent portfolio, identify worldwide relevant patents and technology trends, assess the competitive landscape, and find partners and licensing opportunities.

R&D and innovation

Improve innovation with a clearly defined IP strategy that is connected to the business goals and alerts for new entrants and potential partners.

intelligence & benchmarking

Base decision making on true patent portfolio strength and quality indicators while relying on industry-proven KPIs to track your competitors’ progress.

Portfolio optimization

Answer key questions to define international patent filing strategy, increase portfolio efficiency, and identify competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Disruptive technology scouting

Identify disruptive innovations and promising startups to help you gain a competitive edge.

Risk assessment

Stay one step ahead of your competition, disruptive technologies, important patent activity in China, and/or NPE threats. Efficiently assess the value or risk of acquisition targets.

Licensing & monetization

With analytics on all patent portfolios in all technologies, you can evaluate your most valuable patents for licensing and even identify potential licensees.

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