Air Quality: Global Leaders & Innovators

The first industrial revolution supported Great Britain in becoming a commercial superpower in the mid-18th century. The long-term effects on the environment were not fully apparent until centuries later leading to the Clean Air Act of 1956, passed to preserve public health. Today, the issues of pollution control and climate change are considered critical to moving forward as a global community.

Yet, there are relatively few sources of objective and independent data available to identify the countries and companies leading in the innovation of sustainable technologies. There is an intrinsic bias in self-reported data from organizations – the staple information for traditional ESG analysis. Our view is that this void in sustainability analysis can be plugged in part through published, classified patent data as an indicator for sustainable innovation and investment.

About Air Quality Report

We used Cipher’s unique Universal Technology Taxonomy to scan and review the patent owners of critical technologies related to air quality. Focusing on sustainable innovation, we:

  • Provide our view of the leading innovators to watch based on recently published inventions
  • Apply overall weightings to enabling technologies.

The technology areas covered in our report include:

  • Air Scrubbers
  • Oxidation Catalysts
  • Biofuels
  • Diesel Particulate Filters
  • Multi-Pollutant Monitoring Devices

Download the Air Quality – Global leaders and Innovators Report

Our report includes data on:

  • The top invention owners in Air Quality technologies.
  • The leading air quality innovators based on recent patenting activity by scale and overall exposure

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