A New Hub in LexisNexis® IPlytics with Dashboard-driven Insights

Product illustration, showing three sample screens of the Dashboard Hub from LexisNexis® IPlytics

May 9, 2024

The SEP landscape is characterized by its complexity and the rapid pace of technological standards’ development. Timely access to centralized, actionable data through dashboards can significantly streamline the process of managing, analyzing, and leveraging SEPs.

Empowering Professionals in a Data-Driven World 

In today’s data-driven environment, the absence of a robust Dashboard for quick report generation can significantly hinder professionals such as Portfolio Managers, Licensing Managers, SEP consultants, and Litigation Lawyers from achieving their maximum potential.

Without instant access to aggregated data and insights, Portfolio Managers may miss critical market movements, thus failing to capitalize on timely investment opportunities.

Licensing Managers might struggle with inefficient tracking of intellectual property assets, leading to suboptimal licensing strategies and revenue losses.

SEP consultants tasked with navigating the intricate landscape of Standard Essential Patents could find themselves unable to promptly advise on patent strategies or compliance issues, potentially jeopardizing client interests.

Similarly, Litigation Lawyers may face challenges in managing the complexities of multiple cases without immediate access to case-related documents and timelines, potentially impairing their ability to prepare effectively for court proceedings.

LexisNexis® IPlytics’ Dashboards encapsulate a solution that not only enhances operational efficiency but also empowers these professionals with the capability to make informed decisions swiftly and with greater accuracy, ensuring they stay ahead in their respective verticals.

New Feature: ‘Dashboard Hub’ – A Hub of SEP Insights for IP Professionals

The ‘Dashboard Hub’ from LexisNexis® IPlytics reshapes the approach to SEPs analytics, simplifying the process for IP professionals to access and interpret vital data on standard essential patents and their undeclared counterparts. It serves as a central point for accessing various use case-related dashboards and tabs, each tailored to specific analytical needs. It empowers users with unparalleled insights into SEP declarations, SEP portfolio analysis, and comparisons while also offering a bird’s-eye view of the technology landscape and the intricate web of undeclared patents.

What Analytics Views Will You Find in the ‘Dashboard Hub’? 

The Dashboard Hub brings forth two pivotal components: 

  1. Portfolio Dashboard
  2. Technology Landscape Dashboard

Portfolio Dashboard 

Animation of the Portfolio Comparison Dashboard, a feature of the Dashboard Hub from LexisNexis® IPlytics

Its General and Essentiality tabs offer a holistic view of a patent family portfolio, emphasizing SEP families and providing a flexible strategic planning and analysis tool. 

  • Portfolio Overview: Offers a comprehensive view of single or combined portfolios of multiple companies, with detailed analysis of the essentiality of SEPs, including options to incorporate or omit undeclared patents from specific technologies like AVC, HEVC, VVC, and various Wi-Fi generations. 
  • Comparative Analysis: Allows for side-by-side comparisons of two portfolios to explore similarities and differences, supported by uniform optional settings for both portfolios to ensure customized analysis. 
  • SEP and Patent Status Distribution: Displays comprehensive status distributions of patent and SEP portfolios, categorizing SEPs into declared, pooled, and undeclared types, enriching strategic insights into patent management. 
  • Technological and Industry Breakdown: Categorizes SEPs by various technical and industry criteria, providing a detailed view of the portfolio’s scope and technological alignment. 
  • Expiry Timeline and Essentiality Over Time: Includes tools to forecast patent expiry dates and track the evolution of essentiality predictions over time, aiding in strategic patent lifecycle management and filing strategy evaluation. 

Technology Landscape Dashboard 

Animation of the Technology Landscape Dashboard, a feature of the Dashboard Hub from LexisNexis® IPlytics

This user-friendly interface allows users to explore SEP technology landscapes, highlighting key players, contributors, and technological developments over time. It demystifies the complex SEP ecosystem, facilitating an understanding of technological progressions and market dynamics. 

  • Targeted Technology Selection: For focused analysis, choose specific technologies such as AVC, HEVC, various Wi-Fi versions, and Qi standards. 
  • SEP Categorization: Classifies SEPs into declared, pooled, and undeclared types, providing insights into the SEP landscape.
  • Data Exploration: Navigate through data related to top SEP owners. 
  • Future Projections and Historical Data: Includes tools like SEP family expiration timelines and historical growth of the technology landscape. 
  • Detailed Visualizations: Offers visual tools displaying ownership overviews, semantic essentiality scores, and essential indicators. 
  • Customizable Settings: Include or exclude undeclared patents, filter by priority date, and specify patent status (active or granted only). 

The LexisNexis® IPlytics Portfolio and Technology Landscape Dashboards provide IP professionals with a robust toolset for comprehensive patent management. The Dashboard Hub is more than just a feature; it’s a storytelling tool. It enables users to swiftly generate reports for quick reviews or integrate them into presentations, all with a few clicks. This capability not only streamlines workflow but also enriches the narrative around IP strategy and market positioning

Are You Looking to Maximize Efficiency and Gain Quick Insights From Your IP Data?

Explore the LexisNexis® IPlytics Dashboard Hub to see how easy and efficient report-making can become and start making informed decisions faster than ever. Visit the IPlytics solution page now to take the first step towards transforming your IP strategy.

LexisNexis® IPlytics transforms complex patents and standards data into actionable insights, enabling patent professionals to enhance portfolio performance and make informed decisions. Utilizing tools like the Semantic Essentiality Score and analysis of undeclared patents, IPlytics equips users to navigate licensing, negotiations, and management with precision and strategic foresight. 

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