LexisNexis® IP DataDirect

The World’s Leading Full-Text Patent Data Collection System

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Harmonize your data collection

The cornerstone for patent-focused, reliable analytics and in-house search-driven solutions

IP DataDirect contains the latest available patent data from 100+ patent offices internationally. Explore patent data enriched with value added elements such as machine translation, legal data, normalized names and family data. Every single publication is delivered in standardized XML based on the WIPO ST.36 standard.

Support & enhance your IP intelligence

A world of data in your own patent management system

Improve the quality of patent data research, analysis, and management, and stay fully informed by integrating our application into your proprietary patent management system. Gain access to IP knowledge from the world’s largest collection of searchable patent data, including images and PDF documents of filed applications and accepted patents.

IP DataDirect is LexisNexis’s bulk delivery platform that offers access to the most comprehensive patent data: 130+ million documents from 100+ authorities, 56 in full-text, in one single format.

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Fast and reliable updates

New & updated publications nearly real-time for Intellectual Property information to put you at the forefront


Largest English full-text collection

Integrate with the LexisNexis Search API or leverage your own algorithms

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Flexible and tailored

Customize the data feed per authority, date range or classifications

The latest patent data available

Direct access to the most comprehensive patent data from major authorities across the world

Get updates of relevant patent documents directly into your patent management system. Remove the need to compile, convert, and upload multiple patent data formats from multiple sources. Research intellectual property and trademarks more efficiently and lower operational costs by reducing manual processes.

IP DataDirect Product Offerings at a Glance

With IP DataDirect you have a world of patent data at your fingertips. Our industry-leading collection of patent content can be used to fill your in-house patent data system or meet your bulk patent data needs.

Bulk Data API

  • Maintain your proprietary, in-house database
  • Updates within hours of publication
  • One standardized format for all patent data
  • Updates through API or FTP
  • Segmentation based on authority, technology area, date ranges, data elements, kind code, etc
  • XML, images and / or PDF’s available

Search API

  • Leveraging LexisNexis TotalPatent One’s search syntax
  • Integration into your own solution
  • Retrieving a result list or batches with the relevant XML documents
  • Integration with API or download client
  • Choice of relevant data elements
  • Retrieve XMLs, images and/or PDF’s related to your search result

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