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LexisNexis and Appdetex Form Alliance to Protect Against Brand Abuse

Securing and protecting our clients’ intellectual property assets is at the core of what we do at LexisNexis Intellectual Property. To help our customers not only protect their inventions, but also their reputation, relationships and revenue online, we have created an alliance with Appdetex, global brand protection expert in online detection, assessment, and enforcement of online infringement, to offer online brand protection. Learn more about this alliance by reading the press release.
Appdetex Brand Protection - Singular Red

Don’t just secure your brand protection. Make it resilient.

Appdetex Brand Protection - Singular Red

Brand Protection is the newest offering in our suite of products designed to help companies protect their valuable intellectual property (IP). Customers can now protect their brand by efficiently finding IP abuse, identifying active malicious actors and enforcing IP infringement.

Online Brand Abuse – By the Numbers


Attacks via rogue mobile applications present the fastest-growing threat, soaring 191%


81% of users failed to recognize fraudulent advertisements and scams on websites and proceeded to engage

Leading social media platform removed 2.2 billion fake accounts on social media in three months

The value of counterfeit and pirated goods could reach $2.3 trillion by 2022

Brand Abuse is Systemic

The most problematic offenders are organized bad actors who launch networks of abuse across multiple digital channels.

See What You Are Missing

Reveal entire brand abuse networks and surface the true scope of illicit online campaigns targeting your valuable brand and your customers with the patent-pending Appdetex Tracer™.

The Brand Protection Platform

Appdetex Tracer is a critical element of the Brand Protection Platform, designed to help make even the most targeted brands resilient to bad actors’ online attacks.

The platform scans major and third-party app stores, online marketplaces, websites, domains, popular social media sites and search engines for bad actors/infringers. If any are detected, it can automate mitigation through notices of infringement sent directly to all major platforms.

Brand Protection Helps Enable You to:

Uncover unknown bad actors and entire abuse networks and ecosystems.

Gain a central, comprehensive view of brand abuse across all digital channels.

Efficiently remove and remediate brand abuse.

Understand the behaviors and tactics of bad actors.

Reduce laborious searches and unmanageable spreadsheets to track infringements.

Find brand abuse the naked eye and other solution providers miss.

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