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Oct 19, 2020

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Patent Research Solution

Patents can be among a company’s most significant assets. In order to protect, develop and maintain these valuable assets, IP professionals and researchers need a patent research tool that yields both complete and relevant content from authorities across the globe. LexisNexis TotalPatent One® was specifically created to deliver against these important requirements.

The TotalPatent One® patent research solution is designed to deliver on-point results derived from the most comprehensive and in-depth content collection of patent and non-patent literature available. The platform, incorporating state-of-the-art search technology and user interface design, maximizes efficiency and delivers easy access to the search results users require. TotalPatent One was developed so patent professionals and researchers can confidently find the results they seek.

We are continuously working to improve your patent search experience by seeking feedback and then incorporating it to enhance TotalPatent One. Your feedback is crucial and allows us to create a more agile search tool. We recently released the following enhancements:

Custom Highlighting

Include additional keyword terms with the new Highlight feature in TotalPatent One and conduct a more precise and robust search, removing the need to later return and perform additional searches. This important update provides you with results that are more in context and relevant to your search criteria. 

Via a new action button in the menu bar of each document in the document view, users can add keywords for highlighting independently of the keywords used for the search. The custom keywords are persistent in the system memory during a login session. 

TP1 Enhancements: Custom Highlighting

Custom Document View

Complete your search results faster and more efficiently with the new customized document view feature in TotalPatent One patent research solution. This important update empowers you to tailor your document view preferences by prioritizing the section order, focusing only on the sections you want to see, such as Claims.  

Via a new action button in the menu bar of each document, users can include/exclude sections in the document view, as well as change the order of the sections. 

Custom Document View

Citation Origin Feature

Now you can easily find more relevant citations with the citation origin and relevance codes enhancements. With this enriched data, you are able to have deeper insight into who is citing what. 

Citation origin and citation relevance codes are added to the citation table in the document view. You can also search the two fields via CTO:() and CTR:().

Citation Origin Feature
Create Citations Reports

Find Information Via [Ctrl] + F

Now you can navigate results based on specific keywords with the new Control +F feature. This new enhancement allows you to reduce the amount of time spent scrolling through hundreds of pages of the patent document, giving you the search results you need instantly.

Ctrl + F

Richer Usage Date in PowerInvoice

To assist you in understanding your usage and recovering costs, you can now retrieve the following data in PowerInvoice:

  • Query search
  • Number search
  • Combined search
  • Document view
  • Downloads
  • Exported documents
  • Folder creation
  • Alert run

We are continuously working to further improve your patent search experience and will be announcing more exciting enhancements soon.

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