Applicants address areas of global need with solutions that will help preserve the earth for future generations.

Patent applicants often propose solutions to needs, from simple to complex. The patent workflow solutions that are offered by LexisNexis® IP are designed to help bring those solutions to market in the most effective, efficient way possible. Some of these applicants address areas of global need head-on, proposing their own solutions to problems that will help preserve our world for future generations. Using LexisNexis TotalPatent One®, here is a look at four of these currently-pending USPTO patent applications that are directed toward solving some of the world’s greatest problems

Applications Addressing Plastic Pollution

Patent Application Title: Processes and Structures for Plastic Separation and Products of Such Processes
Patent Application No: US 16/219,019
Application Filing Date: 13-Dec-18

Plastic is ubiquitous in our lives, and when combined with the vast industry of agriculture, combines for massive potential waste. Agricultural plastic films cover fields for moisture and weed control, as well as in irrigation tubing. Much of this plastic is stripped from fields after a single use, either to be burned or sent to a landfill. This patent application describes a method designed for cleaning and separating foreign materials (such as dirt) from the plastic so that it may be more easily recycled.

Renewable Energy Patents

Patent Application Title: Apparatus for Generation of Energy from Ocean Waves
Patent Application No: US 16/206,735
Application Filing Date: 30-Nov-18

Our reliance on fossil fuels has been a hot topic for decades. Not only does the combustion of fossil fuels have a detrimental impact on our environment, fossil fuels are a finite resource that we cannot rely on forever. The invention in this patent application aims to harness the kinetic energy present in our oceans and convert it into energy that we can use to power our lives.

Food Shortage Solutions

Patent Application Title: Aeroponic System
Patent Application No: US 16/277,417
Application Filing Date: 15-Feb-19

It is predicted that the earth will be home to nearly ten billion people by 2050, and if we do not find a way to increase food productivity, the world may not be able to feed itself. The invention in this patent application describes a proposed cultivation system that leaves plant roots suspended in air, using less water and energy than traditional agricultural methods.

Patents for Daily Use Sustainability

Patent Application Title: Recyclable Compostable Disposable Straws Fabricated From Rapidly Renewable Resources
Patent Application No: US 15/938,236
Application Filing Date: 28-Mar-18

A major issue with plastic is that it is nearly indestructible and often winds up as trash strewn about the planet and its oceans. This patent application proposes making one such daily use item, the straw, out of alternative materials that are both biodegradable and sustainable to produce.

To ensure a sustainable future, we must continue to develop innovative and efficient ways to use the materials we have. LexisNexis TotalPatent One embodies the spirit of efficiency by providing access to over 100,000,000 easily-searchable, full-text patent documents from over 100 patent authorities worldwide. Users can conduct patent searches using a variety of query types, and information can be sorted efficiently for on-point results. LexisNexis TotalPatent One has revolutionized the patent search; with patent applications like the ones mentioned here, we can expect an environmental revolution to soon follow.

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