Custom Information Services is a new suite of data products designed to help patent attorneys tailor the information flow necessary to analyze a prosecution experience in depth. Comprised of three tools, attorneys can create bespoke process flows in order to quickly find relevant information, find and identify new and meaningful patterns, and gain insight into every aspect of their portfolio or prosecution practice.

Generate Custom Reports

Using LexisNexis Custom Information Services, attorneys can now request custom reports for any topic of their choosing. This gives users the ability to analyze their entire portfolio in minutes through a specific lens. For example, users can create reports around topics like “Alice Rejections,” and instantly see allowance-rate patterns for different firms, examiners and art units with regard to the chosen topic. With this information, users can identify new paths toward allowance while facing down outside forces that influence their own patenting systems.

Construct Custom Data Queries

Custom Information Services also provides attorneys with the ability to construct custom data queries from vast LexisNexis USPTO data resources. For instance, users can request a query for all terminal disclaimers filed in their patent applications. Then, using PatentAdvisor’s analytics tools, users can create data visualizations to understand the impact terminal disclaimers have had on their portfolio and prosecution strategies.

Create Custom API Requests

Attorneys can also create custom API requests using Custom Information Services. This allows users to pull any set or subset of documents from the USPTO’s Public PAIR database. Users looking to gain a comprehensive view of how different prosecution procedures have affected their portfolio can create an API request around their selected topic, such as a request for all office actions for a specific portfolio.

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