Are you considering LexisNexis® TotalPatent® as a potential patent research platform? Are you scouring the Internet looking for product reviews?

Let me save you a bit of time.

When I first started looking at TotalPatent, I, too, wanted to see what others had had to say about the platform. After all, this process is an important part of evaluating a search tool.

The following is a list of some of the most useful articles I found on TotalPatent:


The most recent review of LexisNexis TotalPatent is a FreePint Report by Robyn Smith dated April 2015. The full report is available to FreePint subscribers, or may be purchased directly.

A sample of the report is available on the website, and a series of short blog posts provide abstracts of the content.

Smith describes the value of good, easy-to-use patent information search tools, and notes that TotalPatent should be intuitive to those with experience with LexisNexis and perhaps even Delphion. She also notes that the data-sharing features of TotalPatent and its PDF are a “definite positive.”

To access the report, go to Freepint’s website at

Review and Feature List on Landon IP’s Intellogist

Landon IP’s patent search blog, Intellogist, has published some useful summaries of LexisNexis TotalPatent features, as well as some ratings provided by users who have registered to comment on the Intellogist blog. The information, however, is drawn primarily from a report last revised in 2012 and may not include the latest TotalPatent features.

  • A comprehensive report on LexisNexis® TotalPatent® from August 14, 2012.
  • A detailed table with a convenient breakdown of features and characteristics: The table is formatted for easy comparison of different patent research systems. Patent researchers may find that the table provides a useful checklist for evaluating patent research tools in general.

The Intellogist web pages also provide scores on various ratings scales, but it is not clear to me how old these ratings are, what version of the platform they pertain to, and the user status of those who provided the ratings (i.e., verified users or trial users of the platform).

Previous Write-ups

Report on TotalPatent Semantic Search by Thomas E. Wolff, October 26, 2009: While this Information Today Newsbreak is more dated than the Intellogist posts, it does provide some insight into TotalPatent semantic search, one of the key features of the platform. It gives some user observations and reasons why the system is designed to allow users to modify the terms used by the semantic search engine.

The IP World is Not For the Weak-Minded, 2007 blog post and interview by Richard Poynder: This blog post by Richard Poynder features an interview with former VP of Global Intellectual Property for LexisNexis, Peter Vanderheyden. Be sure to download the associated PDF of the interview, as the PDF provides more detail than the blog post.

This post is dated—but, for those wanting to compile a comprehensive dossier on TotalPatent, it should be essential reading as it provides additional insight into the system. If one wants to know why an information platform is the way it is today, it helps to know where it came from.

Given the dearth of current third-party reviews, it seems that one method of getting a sense of the platform is to go directly to the source.

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