Patent searches are useful in many situations, and a thorough patent search could make or break a patent at any time. Whether you are exploring the patentability of an invention or if you are dealing with patent infringement, the LexisNexis TotalPatent One® patent search solution is ready to make your life easier.

1. Patentability Searches, also known as Novelty Searches, are typically conducted towards the early stages of invention development. The purpose of a patentability search is to determine whether a particular invention is patentable in some way, or, more specifically to uncover prior art, such as patents, patent applications, and other disclosures around the world that may bar patentability.

2. Infringement Searches are conducted to determine if an invention is infringing on a particular patent or set of patents. An infringement search is usually narrow in scope and is limited to only those patent documents at issue so that a patent attorney or agent may provide a professional opinion on the matter.

3. Clearance Searches, also known as Freedom-to-Operate Searches or FTO Searches, are similar to infringement searches in that their primary purpose is to assist in determining whether an invention infringes on a valid patent or patents. Clearance searches, however, are broader than infringement searches because they are aimed toward finding problematic patent documents in an entire patent jurisdiction rather than being focused on only a few specific patents or patent applications.

4. Invalidity Searches, or Validity Searches, are usually extensive searches that arise in litigation or acquisition scenarios. An entity acquiring a patent may want to ensure it is valid before the acquisition and should consider using an invalidity search for any documents or disclosures that could invalidate the patent before moving forward. Alternatively, an invalidity search may appeal to a defendant being sued for patent infringement who may need to rely on patent invalidity as a defense.

Four Advantages of TotalPatent One®

1. Search Broadly from a Single Platform

An invention’s patentability or a patent’s validity may hinge on information from any corner of the world. Searching for patents issued by patent authorities around the globe often requires searching each patent authority’s database separately or performing a less thorough patent search that covers only the most critical patent authorities to save time and expense. The TotalPatent One patent search platform enables users to access over 100,000,000 patent documents filed with over 100 different patent authorities. TotalPatent One expedites the search process and provides greater breadth to your patent searches.

2. Narrow Results Quickly and Effectively

If having access to so many patent documents sounds overwhelming, find solace in knowing that TotalPatent One makes it easy for users to quickly narrow their search results by using any number of patent search filters. Set your search parameters from the onset of your search or filter your results as you go; TotalPatent One even provides interactive graphical representations of your search results to make narrowing your search as simple as possible.

3. Quickly Analyze Documents with Previews and Full-Text Searches

The TotalPatent One interface is designed to be intuitive and convenient. Search results allow users to identify relevant patent documents with patent previews that show information including clipped patent images, document titles, abstracts, claims, and more. To make things even easier, TotalPatent One also facilitates full-text searches of patent documents so users can find even the most subtle details they are seeking.

4. Export Files in Multiple Formats

Once a user has identified useful patent documents, TotalPatent One provides a variety of options for exporting relevant portions or the documents in their entireties. Whether you need a PDF or a Word file, or even if you prefer to display information from several documents in a single Excel spreadsheet, TotalPatent One produces the file format that is best for you.

TotalPatent One is a cutting-edge patent research tool. For any search you perform, there are many reasons to choose TotalPatent One to assist you in finding patent documents quickly and efficiently.

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