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Defensive Prosecution Monitoring with LexisNexis® PAIR Watch

Actively monitoring your competitors’ patent applications enables your business to predict changes in the competitive landscape.

Discovering World Patents

Inventors seeking patent protection in multiple countries, and even those that are patenting an invention in just one country, are encouraged to conduct worldwide patent searches for relevant patent documents prior to filing their patent applications.

What’s the ETA™? Enhancing Prosecution Performance with Innovative Patent Metrics

A new way of thinking about patent prosecution and examiner’s ETA is a patent prosecution index produced by a proprietary algorithm designed to take patent prosecution to the next level.

Research Tips, Webinars, and Podcasts

How Law Librarians Can Add Value to the Patent Prosecution Process - Webinar

Learn how to predict your assigned examiner’s behavior and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Did You Know That the Timeline View Provides You With an Easy Look at Prosecution Path?

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® timeline view provides you with an easy look at your application’s prosecution path and shows you how it compares to your examiner’s averages.

Better Patents Now Podcast―Patent Analytics: Table Stakes for Law Firms

Chris Holt interviews Ken Gemmill, Business Operations Manager for LexisNexis IP. In his career, Ken has witnessed the birth of analytics entering the patent business. He routinely speaks with law firms that are using analytics in their patent prosecution.

Just for Fun

Famous People and Their Curious Patents

Ten Terrifying Tales of Patent Prosecution

Patent Workflow and InfoPros

Differentiate your firm and help your attorneys gain a competitive edge with customizable, innovative services that span the entire patent workflow. LexisNexis IP provides solutions across the patent workflow that allow you to collaborate with your attorneys resulting in successfully preparing, drafting, prosecuting, defending, monitoring, and managing patents. Enhance workflow, valuable insights, and strategic decision making for your attorneys with LexisNexis IP.

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