Why SEPs Matter? A Market Assessment – Episode 1

December 13, 2021

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  • Tim Pohlmann, IPlytics

In this very first podcast episode, Tim Pohlmann, CEO and Founder of IPlytics, kicks off the topics he will talk about in upcoming episodes. Here Tim will invite industry leaders, academics, and policy makers on his “SEP Couch” to discuss current topics around standard essential patents (SEPs) licensing, deal making, patent pooling, litigation as well as policy and regulation around FRAND. Guests are interviewed in a 45-minute discussion elaborating on their career background and discussing what’s currently debated around SEPs in the market. This podcast format encourages an open discussion while it remains neutral to the controversial opinions and viewpoints of invited guests. Tim also provides background on his own career and how he got involved with SEPs and standards starting as PhD in 2009 at the TU Berlin to then work as a post doc at CERNBA MinesParis Tech, as a consult and then founding IPlytics in 2014.

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