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November 28, 2023

This article provides an introduction to the continuous enhancements to PatentSight+. For a thorough exploration of PatentSight+ and its core capabilities, please visit: https://www.lexisnexisip.com/solutions/ip-analytics-and-intelligence/patentsight/

Make High-Value Strategic Decisions with LexisNexis® PatentSight+

With PatentSight+, our objective is to elevate your experience in three pivotal areas, all with the aim of enhancing your decision-making to unprecedented levels:

  1. Data Quality and Coverage: Get more accurate insights by incorporating multiple data types that have been rigorously cleansed, quality-checked and enriched.
  2. Actionable Insights: Increase depth and speed to insights through powerful AI-driven analytical capabilities and proprietary metrics.
  3. Impactful Visualizations and Communication Tools: Optimize workflows, boost efficiency, and elevate IP awareness and storytelling through powerful visualization tools.

PatentSight+ is officially live, and from this point forward, you will receive ongoing updates, including the expansion of new features and continuous improvements.

We are committed to keeping you at the forefront of innovation. As we move forward, you can anticipate new data sets, enhanced analytical capabilities, improved workflows, advanced visualization tools, and enhanced communication features becoming available.

As a PatentSight customer, you will get complimentary access to many additional PatentSight+ features for a defined period to allow you to experience the benefit. In addition, we will offer optional add-on modules within PatentSight+, such as AI Technology Classification, powered by Cipher.

What’s New

Quick Insights

  • Expedite your path to valuable insights with an intuitive guided experience at the start screen, enabling you to reach your analysis faster.
  • Simply input a search query focused on Owner, Technology Cluster, or SDG and Quick Insights will present readily populated sheets for your selection.
  • This feature is expected to be especially beneficial for new or occasional users.

Sheet Navigation and Management

  • Get an overview of all sheets in your workbook, helping to locate and navigate to a specific sheet quickly.
  • Centrally manage your workbook with the ‘Manage sheets’ panel, enabling efficient curation: add, delete, rename, duplicate, preview, reorder and search based on sheet title. Reorder or delete multiple sheets at once, by selecting sheets while holding down the shift or control key.
  • Enjoy improved horizontal scrolling through sheet tabs using the shift key and scroll wheel.

US Litigation Data

  • Elevate your search with added litigation materials.
  • Access US court cases and patent board materials related to your chosen patent families, industries, and classifications.
  • Quickly grasp key patent litigation details in the litigation table, including the patent at issue, case name, court, date, and case status.
  • Easily download, view, and save case litigation case and related documents in order to understand the prevailing party and outcome of the case, if closed, to enrich your patent portfolio and litigation research.

Curated SEP Declaration Data powered by IPlytics

  • Gain enhanced insights into the Standard Essential Patent (SEP) landscape to elevate your licensing negotiations.
  • Elevate your SEP search with curated data by IPlytics.
  • Access a wide range of technologies through the Standard Essential search options with the most comprehensive, best-in-class SEP data by IPlytics.
  • Explore advanced search options like Technology Generation and Technology Standard, offering complete technology landscapes curated by IPlytics SEP ingestion processes. (optional add-on)
  • Discover the full extent of SEP data with searches for WiFi, Video coding, or Qi technology generations. (optional add-on)
  • Evaluate the technology relevance of entire families with the SEP Details tile in the family viewer. (optional add-on)

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Coming in 2024

More High-Quality Data

Get richer insights by incorporating new data types with rigorous quality checks:

  • Expanding patent coverage with an additional 14 million documents and data, e.g., from India
  • Expanding litigation coverage and documents, e.g., from China

Actionable Insights

Increase depth and speed to insights through AI-driven powerful analytical capabilities:

  • AI-driven technology classifier builder, powered by Cipher, directly embedded into PatentSight+
  • Document-level search and view
  • Litigation and prosecution analytics
  • SEP analytics

Visualizations and Communications

Optimize workflows, boost efficiency, and elevate IP awareness and storytelling through powerful visualization tools:

  • Further enhancements to chart types
  • Efficiency gains in your workbook management

Existing PatentSight+ capabilities

New Chart Types

Enhance data storytelling with additional visualization options:

Use bubble charts to slice bubbles as pie charts based on a selected dimension.

Visualize changes over time with waterfall data visualizations.

Display up to two attributes on a single line chart.

Export to PowerPoint Function

Share findings with colleagues and stakeholders by exporting static high resolution images of the charts and data from your workbooks into PowerPoint presentations with ease.

AI Technology Classification (PatentSight+ optional Add-On)
  1. Gain a more precise, up-to-date view of your technology area.
  2. Make high-value strategic decisions regarding your patent portfolio.

Embark on a journey to empower your strategic decisions regarding your patent portfolio with PatentSight+.

Your success is our priority, and we encourage you to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager for any questions about the features of PatentSight+ or the platform in general.

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