Global CARES Day 2023

Together We Care

October holds a special place at LexisNexis® because it’s the time when we intensify our efforts to make a positive impact on our global communities.

On October 6, we proudly launched our Global Cares Day. This extraordinary event saw employees from all corners of the world come together to volunteer their time and efforts, supporting local organizations in the most meaningful and impactful ways possible.


What is LexisNexis Global Cares Day?  

At LexisNexis® it’s been our long-standing policy to encourage all employees to devote two full working days to volunteer for a local cause or charity of their choice.

Global Cares Day not only expands the opportunities to make a difference in our local communities but also brings our teams together in an environment where collaboration remains a challenge due to remote work. While we’re passionate about contributing to our communities, we recognize that it also translates into positive employee development and engagement.

Numerous studies have been conducted to understand, measure, and enhance employee engagement. These studies typically explore various facets of engagement, its impact on productivity and organizational performance, and strategies to improve it. According to Deloitte's 2017 Impact Survey, an astounding 74% of employees believe that volunteer activities make their job more fulfilling. Additionally, the same survey revealed that 89% of employees believe that companies that facilitate and promote volunteer activities offer a better overall working environment than those who don't. These statistics highlight the positive impact that employee engagement through volunteer work can have on both individuals and organizations.


In the United States, one of our teams dedicated their time to support “Cradle to Crayons.” They actively participated in sorting through substantial quantities of donated items, carefully organizing them for distribution to individuals in need. This task requires a significant investment of hours and effort due to the sheer volume of donations involved.

The Dutch team dedicated their day to boating around a local canal and picking up trash floating in the water for the organization Plastic Whale, whose mission is working “together for a plastic-free land and sea.”

In Bonn the team volunteered at the newly opened “Familienhaus” facility where parents and siblings of very sick children (mostly with cancer) can stay for their entire treatment. The facility needed a lot of work done from cleaning the basement, folding laundry, and organizing the kitchen. Our team accepted the challenge for the kids.

The Japan team cleaned an outdoor amphitheater in Hibiya Park to ensure the community can keep hearing music in a clean environment.

Our team in Seoul worked tirelessly to make over 300 sausage breads for underprivileged children.

Cares Day Success!

Our goal is to create a worldwide impact by harnessing our collective skills and uniting regardless of our global locations to support local communities. It’s the cumulative effect of many small actions that can lead to significant global change. While we tackled various issues in unique ways, together, we made a meaningful impact.

As a team, we eagerly anticipate our next opportunity to engage with our communities, and we invite you to join us! Global Cares Day is just one of the many benefits we offer here at LexisNexis. If you’re interested in discovering more about our company culture and hot to become part of our team, please visit our website.

Together we can continue making a positive difference in the world.