Patent Analytics and Valuation For Large Corporations Only? Universities, SMEs, Investors, and Start-ups May Benefit Too… But How?

Patent Analytics and Valuation for large Corporations only?

Carsten Guderian

February 3, 2020

Patent analytics and valuation – only relevant for large corporations with huge portfolios, sufficient resources, and plenty of time? No! Patent analytics are particularly beneficial for universities’ innovation or patent departments, small- to medium-sized firms, start-ups, and spinoffs.

As we describe in our recent collaboration with emmtrix Technologies, a Karlsruhe Institute of Technology spinoff, patent analytics and valuation can serve as valuable sources of information on their relevance in markets. Such transparency can mitigate information asymmetries, and help in determining terms and conditions between start-ups and investors or universities supporting academic spin-offs or support start-ups gaining access to (venture capital) funding or start-up programs.

Unique insights for university as well as start-up managers to augment their decision-making

Patents contain systematic information for all firms, regardless of publication requirements. Hence, patents provide information on corporate as well as technological developments for firms that do not have to publish research and development efforts as well as related expenditures. This includes small- to medium sized firms as well as start-ups, spinoffs, and other early-stage firms with limited-to-no patents. Hence, patent analytics can provide university as well as start-up managers with unique insights to augment their decision-making.

Patent valuation with LexisNexis® PatentSight® enables start-ups’ business growth

In our case study, which was recently published within the Ivey Case Collection of Ivey Publishing, one of the world’s most comprehensive and renowned case collections, we discuss how patent analytics and valuation helped emmtrix Technologies in supporting their university spinoff activities. The patents, on which emmtrix Technologies’ products are based, received excellent, above-average valuation in the patent analytics that were conducted using the PatentSight® business intelligence analytics platform , and significantly enabled emmtrix Technologies’ business growth.

For more information on the case study, please click here:
emmtrix Technologies: Patent Negotiations in High-Tech Academic Spinoffs
Riar, Frederik J., Guderian, Carsten C., Bican, Peter M. (2020)
Case No. 9B20M010, Ivey Publishing, Ivey Business School Foundation, London, Canada

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About the author: Carsten Guderian

Carsten is a Senior Project Leader and has has a background in Economics and Business Administration, particularly innovation management and patent analytics. He has been affiliated with PatentSight since 2012.

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