How to Proactively Manage Patent Risk

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February 24, 2022

Are you ready to deal with your patent risks?

81% of patent owners say they will face a patent risk in the next two years, and 40% say it is inevitable. Are you ready to deal with your patent risks?

Our CEO Nigel Swycher put that question to his colleagues Kacper Gorski, Senior Analyst and Stuart Hall, Senior Analyst, in this webinar.

The trio discussed some essential points for preparing your portfolio for patent risk.  These included:

  • Using a Risk Framework to classify your risk areas
  • Zoning in on your key risk areas; NPEs, Operating companies or both
  • Optimizing your portfolio to mitigate and reduce the risk

You can put yourself in a solid position to mitigate your patent risks through proactive preparation by watching the full webinar recording.

Supporting materials

As well as the full webinar recording, access:

  • A tear sheet which outlines the steps which you can take to manage patent risk
  • A sample risk analysis

Watch the webinar recording

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