Episode 1: Bringing Clarity to Innovation

March 1, 2024

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The first episode of LexisNexis Evolving IP features hosts Francesca Levoir, Marco Richter, Nigel Swycher, and Tim Pohlmann, who introduce their focus for the new series, ‘bringing clarity to innovation’. The podcast aims to demystify IP, addressing the challenges faced at the intersection of IP, law and business. 

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Conversation Highlights

On the importance of IP in the world of business 

“For a long, long time, the IP organizations of this world have been relegated to the dusty file cabinets. And we very strongly believe that IP deserves a place at the table when it comes to business decision-making, laying out business strategy. 

“We can’t get away from the fact that 80% or more of the value of companies today is patents, trademarks, and intangible assets.” 

“In the very end, licensing, or selling and acquiring patents is business, it’s deal-making.” 

Do we need to evolve IP? 

“We have to often rethink IP or understand that the traditional use of IP protecting ideas is not the only thing that IP stands for.” 

“Today, the world evolves much more into seeing IP assets as an opportunity, as something you can collaborate on.” 

What value can IP bring? 

“IP sits at the intersection of the R&D pipeline, the R&D strategy, the business strategy, and a plethora of competitive intelligence.” 

“A company can bring these three angles together and formulate a comprehensive picture of what’s going on within, and outside of the company.” 

“The most valuable companies in the world are valuable because of their IP.” 

Diversity within the innovation process

“We on this podcast will be hunting out those who are making it happen, and doing the work ourselves to get involved to promote diversity, but not just to talk about it, but to get involved with initiatives that will actually help balance and level the playing field.” 

“This isn’t just flag-waving. This is about maximizing economic benefit. If we don’t get the inventions from half of the world’s population or more, then the world will lose out big time.” 

Tim’s Key Takeaway 

“In short, IP is increasingly used as an asset, it’s licensed, it’s sold, it’s traded. These transactions happened across industries, and they’re global. And that creates challenges. So, this podcast will provide some clarity into how to solve these challenges.

Nigel’s Key Takeaway 

“Just the overwhelming feeling that there’s an interesting conversation to be had, and difficult questions to be answered. I hope that our listeners and our community will really engage with this conversation for the benefit of all. We don’t claim to have all the answers, we absolutely are committed to finding them.” 

Marco’s Key Takeaway 

“I think that you can’t afford to miss out on this podcast series, right? Especially with my two co-hosts, you will find a very formidable lineup of hosts, and guests that we’re going to be able to bring to the table as we explore how IP is evolving with technology and around sustainability, and the crucial role that it plays in business strategy to enhance the competitiveness and innovation of organizations around the globe.

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