5 Highlights from the Inaugural “Innovation Momentum” Report

5 Highlights from the Inaugural “Innovation Momentum” Report

March 1, 2022

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Last month, we published the inaugural edition of “Innovation Momentum 2022: The Global Top 100,” a report developed to spotlight true technological contemporaries across industries. With a new, unique methodology supported by data analysis from patent analytics solution, LexisNexis® PatentSight®, the report measures the dynamics of innovative strength over the last two years and recognizes technology owners who outperform their peers. 

Beyond revealing the top 100, the report uncovers themes around today’s most pressing global topics, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and our world’s continued digital transformation.  

 Here are 5 highlights from the report: 

1. The innovation momentum effectively identifies innovators that outperform their peers without being dominated by portfolio size

Many innovation rankings measure patent portfolio sizes combined with other selection criteria, like patent filing rates, to uncover the front runners in patent development. Yet, these approaches often omit small start-ups with early disruptive innovation and over-rank on mature technology fields dominated by multinationals. The “Innovation Momentum” methodology rewards technology companies with well-maintained portfolios while recognizing highly specialized technology drivers with exceptional relevance in their focus areas. 

2. Most innovators are based in the Americas, followed by Asia, and Then Central And Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa (CEMEA) with the fewest

Also uncovered in the geographic analysis is that the distribution of technologies observed across the globe is uneven, with certain geographical areas focusing on certain technological domains.  


3. Companies that have worked on COVID-19 vaccines are highly represented in the global top 100 list

As we reach the second year of the global pandemic, companies like Johnson & Johnson, Moderna Therapeutics, and others are included on the list with continued vaccine development and at-home testing technology.  

4. Pharmaceuticals is the largest industry sector with a total of 17 innovators, mostly from the Americas, none from Asia and four from CEMEA

Along with well-known innovators in pharmaceuticals, several smaller players also ranked in the Top 100. For example, CureVac has seen some recognition working on mRNA-based therapies in a similar way to Moderna’s vaccine. 

5. Human-machine interface technology is one of the major drivers in the field of increasingly differentiated electronic devices

The top innovators in electronics emphasize the influence of human interfaces and the continued evolution of human interaction with digital devices—from sight to sound to touch. Display technology is prominent among the top electronics innovators, with Samsung, BOE, and CPT Technology being major display manufacturers. 

To see the full list of top innovators and to get more information on all the above highlights, get the full report now.  

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