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Use LexisNexis TotalPatent One® patent search software for comprehensive research and analytics. Search issued patents, published patent applications, and utility models, globally. Identify IP documentation and bring insights to your work.


Access all pertinent possibilites

Patent research and analysis can seem daunting — we make it easy. From novice to expert, improve your patent search experience with our extensive database and educational aides.

TotalPatent One helps customers achieve success by offering:

  • Speed & Efficiency – A faster, more efficient user experience and no waiting for pages to load.
  • Ease of Use – A simplified user interface enables you to easily find the patent search results you need.
  • Comprehensive Data – Full-text patent documents from 56 patent authorities.

Get Patent Owner Harmonization and Increase Confidence in Business Decisions with Unique Data Cleaning

Based on years of extensive collaborative research, LexisNexis has developed a unique and industry-trusted approach toward ensuring consistent high data quality. Read this report to learn about:

  • Common errors that affect the applicant name field in global patent databases
  • The impact of these errors on analyses
  • The unique LexisNexis approach towards correcting error-infested data to ensure reliable and trustworthy patent analytics

peace of mind for your patent search


Power your workflow with state-of-the-art patent search software capabilities

Have confidence in your results with access to 56 full-text patent authorities. Our search engine language is designed with the patent workflow in mind, supporting class expansion, family deduplication, work folders and annotation. Scroll through thousands of search results with single-page application technology and English machine translation for international searches. Access searchable PDF documents using high-quality optical character recognition.

LexisNexis TotalPatent One® by the Numbers

110 Million

full Text Documents

Full-Text Documents

From patent authorities across the globe, regardless of origin, containing the most complete full-text English database on the planet.

70 Million

Patent Families

Patent Families

Four family types: Domestic, Main, Complete and Extended




To search and filter for a multitude of possibilities to visualize data.


patent Data

Terabytes of Patent Data

Text, PDF and Images. More than 6 times the information in Wikipedia.

700 Million



Scan and find the exact prior art you need.

Data That Starts Answering Questions


TotalPatent One provides comprehensive on point results when preparing and defending your patents. Now you can stop searching and start finding the results you need.


Responding to your needs

You can rest easy knowing that your specialized IP support team is available to help you effectively and confidently make the most of your patent search software solutions. We view our relationship with our customers as a partnership.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Responsive, on-demand and customized training
  • Timely access to customer success manager
  • Online resources, chat tools and a customer-service hotline
  • Responsive, on-demand and customized training
  • A dedicated global customer support team
  • In-context help within the solution
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LexisNexis TotalPatent One

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Stop searching and start finding the results you need.

TotalPatent One™ makes researching patent documents easier and faster with state-of-the-art patent search software technology.

Improve the quality of your research and stay fully informed with easy access to an immense collection of searchable full-text and bibliographic information. A complete archive of images, citations, legal status and patent family collections—all in one place.

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