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LexisNexis TotalPatent One® gives you patent search results that you can rely on.


Comprehensive Content

The world’s largest and deepest collection of patent data from around the globe.


Speed & Efficiency

A faster, more efficient user experience and no waiting for pages to load.

Intuitive & Easy to Use

A simplified user interface enables you to easily find the patent search results you need.

Peace of Mind for Your Patent Search

We have the most full-text documents in English


Customer Support & Training

Everything from onboarding to weekly live training webinars

Most Complete Patent Database

Sourcing from patent authorities across the globe

Speed with an Intuitive User Interface

A patent research software tool that is easy to use and learn

Innovative Technology

All new state-of-the-art search technology and user interface

Patent Research: The Year in Review and a Look Ahead

A Thorough Patent Search Tool

On-Point Search Results

Find the exact prior art information you need.

Grid View

Easily scan through patent images to find exactly what you need.

Patent Visualization Tools

Save time with the new infinite scroll where you will have no limit on your patent research and you can filter on a complete set of results at one time.

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Patent Search Resources

Patent Litigation and “The Ice Cream of the Future”

Patent Litigation and “The Ice Cream of the Future”

Dippin’ Dots are enjoyed around the world. The delicious ice cream pellets can be found most commonly at amusement parks and have been known to hit the spot on a hot day. Despite being recognized and enjoyed globally, the innovative take on a ubiquitous dessert has...

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Patent Documents

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Patent Documents

Patent searches are intrinsically challenging because they require combing through a seemingly infinite amount of prior art in a finite amount of time to determine which patent references are relevant. There are hundreds of patent authorities around the world with...

Over, Under, or Through: Overcoming Obstacles in Patent Searches

Over, Under, or Through: Overcoming Obstacles in Patent Searches

Anyone who deals with patent prosecution knows that difficulties constantly arise throughout the patent process. For example, in the patent search phase, where the goal may be to gather as much pertinent information from around the world as possible, figuring out how...

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