The Most Comprehensive Patent Search Software Tool

LexisNexis TotalPatent One® is the ultimate patent search software that provides results that you can rely on.

Use LexisNexis TotalPatent One® patent search software for comprehensive research and analytics. Search issued patents, published patent applications, and utility models, globally. Identify IP documentation and bring insights to your work.


Comprehensive Content

The world’s largest and deepest collection of patent data from around the globe.

Speed & Efficiency

A faster, more efficient user experience and no waiting for pages to load.

Intuitive & Easy to Use

A simplified user interface enables you to easily find the patent search results you need.
Peace of Mind for Your Patent Search
Patent research and analysis can seem daunting — we make it easy. From novice to expert, improve your patent search experience with our extensive database and educational aides.

Customer Support & Training

Everything from onboarding to weekly live training webinars

Most Complete Patent Database

Sourcing from patent authorities across the globe

Speed with an Intuitive User Interface

A patent search software tool that is easy to use and learn

Innovative Technology

All new state-of-the-art search technology and user interface

130 Million Documents

108 Million Full-Text Documents

67 Full-Text Authorities

Patent Research: The Year in Review and a Look Ahead
A Thorough Patent Search Tool
View a sneak peek of the search possibilities of our TotalPatent One® software. Customize your patent investigation to meet your needs with our various search views.

On-Point Search Results

Search over 100 worldwide patent authorities simultaneously through a single patent search platform to ensure that no stone goes unturned and to ensure maximum efficiency.

Grid View

Easily scan through patent images to find exactly what you need. Grid View focuses primarily on presenting a patent document’s title and drawings to help patent searchers visually assess which search results are pertinent or irrelevant.

Patent Visualization Tools

Save time with the new infinite scroll where you will have no limit on your patent research and you can filter on a complete set of results at one time.
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Patent Search Resources
How USPTO Examiner Type Affects Patents

How USPTO Examiner Type Affects Patents

By Michael Sartori & Matt WelchOriginally published on Michael Sartori, a partner, and Matt Welch, an associate at Baker Botts, LLP used data from LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® to complete an analysis on ten...

A History of Diseases Triumphed by Innovation

A History of Diseases Triumphed by Innovation

The world is a scary place right now as we all watch the global COVID-19 pandemic continue to grow and impact the lives of everyone. Between the social distancing and relentless media coverage, it is easy to fall into...

How to Search a Patent Idea To Match Company Needs

How to Search a Patent Idea To Match Company Needs

Patent searches provide value beyond their use in patent prosecution—they tell stories of business and innovation, both past and future. When properly tailored to a specific need, the stories told by patent search...

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