Full-text patent data from LexisNexis® IP is now accessible in LexisNexis PatentSight, enabling customers to use a single platform to make smart strategic decisions based on advanced patent analytics

HORSHAM, PENN May 15, 2019, LexisNexis IP has integrated its comprehensive full-text patent data into LexisNexis PatentSight, a premiere patent analytics solution. 

Customers of PatentSight® business intelligence solution can now access:

  • Over 100 million patent documents in English
  • Approximately 700 million drawings and images of inventions
  • Nearly 100 million PDFs that are searchable (OCR) and fast to download

PatentSight evaluates worldwide patents using a scientifically developed proprietary methodology, the Patent Asset Index™. This index differentiates high-value patents from less important ones, which is critical for reliable patent analysis. PatentSight customers can identify opportunities, threats and new areas of technology by analyzing the patent portfolios of competitors, suppliers and customers. In addition to the full-text search feature, PatentSight comes with a similarity search tool that uses artificial intelligence to find similar patents. Pre-defined trendsetting technology fields such as autonomous driving, blockchain, machine learning, robotics and others are also directly accessible in PatentSight.

Because of its innovative approach, PatentSight has been nominated as a SIIA CODiE finalist in the Best Big Data Reporting and Analytics Solution category. “The integration of full-text data into PatentSight will efficiently streamline the patent analytics workflow process for patent departments, R&D groups, innovation centers, investment companies and other patent-driven companies, as well as law firms. There will be no need to switch between multiple software tools. Customers will find the patent search information matched with the analytical tools needed to reveal strategic insights.” said Joe Froehlich, Vice President and Managing Director of Global Commercial Markets at LexisNexis IP.

Nils Omland, founder and CEO of PatentSight added, “We are delighted to offer full-text content; this is just a first step to integrate more valuable content from LexisNexis into our solution. This will give us the opportunity to continue developing tools that provide unique, reliable and relevant insights into the patent landscape and take patent analytics to the next level.”

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