Patent searches are intrinsically challenging because they require combing through a seemingly infinite amount of prior art in a finite amount of time to determine which patent references are relevant. There are hundreds of patent authorities around the world with patent databases that must be searched independently. Additionally, search results from most patent document databases show only limited information, such as a title, patent number, filing date, and a link to a patent document download – patent searchers must painstakingly read through each patent document separately to determine whether or not it is pertinent to their search.

LexisNexis® IP knows the challenges that patent professionals face and is dedicated to improving the patent prosecution experience. The LexisNexis TotalPatent One® patent search platform eliminates the need to access several patent authority databases by providing users with access to over 115 million patent documents originating from over 100 patent authorities around the globe. Moreover, TotalPatent One® communicates important information visually through charts and pictures to help users quickly determine which patent references they need to investigate. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Visual Cues

TotalPatent One has been designed with its users in mind. By conveying information visually throughout the platform, users gain both a better understanding of their search results, as well as the ability to recognize irrelevant results in much less time than if they were provided with text-only search results.

When a TotalPatent One user searches run a keyword search, each search result is accompanied by a Keyword Frequency bar that shows how often the keyword appears in the reference, as well as where and how often the keyword appears in each part of the patent document. Users can use the Keyword Frequency to gauge approximately how on-point a reference actually is.

Additionally, unlike many patent databases that limit the amount of information provided on the results page, TotalPatent One provides users with helpful summaries designed to decrease the amount of time spent assessing each result. After a patent search result is clicked once from the results page, TotalPatent One provides a patent document preview including a summary and clipped patent drawings. Then, by clicking the appropriate button in the preview bar, users can jump straight to the information they need to review as part of their search, such as the patent document’s bibliographic information, claims, related patent filings, citations, written description, or classifications.

Grid View

As an alternative to staring at select text from patents ¬and patent applications, TotalPatent One users have the option to view their search results in “Grid View.” Grid View focuses primarily on presenting a patent document’s title and drawings to help patent searchers visually assess which search results are pertinent or irrelevant. Users can add relevant search results to customized folders accessible through the platform, or they can click on a patent image for a more comprehensive presentation of the underlying patent document.

Visual Filters

If you do not know where to begin your search, try starting by entering a keyword into the TotalPatent One search bar. Not only will you be provided with a list of related patent references, you will also be presented with several graphical representations of your search results that can be used to narrow your patent search.

Top Patent Authorities: The “Top 10 Authorities” chart can help you determine where the patent documents that make up your search results were filed, and allows you to filter your results to only the patent authorities you select by clicking the graph.

Top Classifications: The “Top 10 CPC” and “Top 10 IPC” charts show you which classification codes appear most frequently in your search results. Use this information to identify which classifications are most useful to you, and filter your results to only the classifications you choose.

Top Assignees/Inventors: The “Top 10 Assignees” and “Top 10 Inventors” charts show you which entities or individuals are behind the patents and patent applications in your search results. See what else the top assignees and inventors are up to by clicking on the appropriate graph and filtering your search results.

Gain a greater understanding with charts, graphs, and other visual representations made available through the LexisNexis TotalPatent One platform. The LexisNexis IP suite has been designed and refined for a better patent search experience. TotalPatent One helps patent professionals see the world differently and prosecute more efficiently.

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