Get Access to the Most Complete and Up-to-Date Collection of Bulk Patent Data

The optimal efficiencies of LexisNexis solutions allow you to focus more of your time on the best possible workflow automation and integration.

Unmatched Global Patent Database

Complete and Accurate Results from the Industry Leader

With access to documents dating back to 1790 and spanning across 100+ patent authorities, IP DataDirect offers an unparalleled patent database of more than 130+ million full-text publications in English as well as a collection of images and drawings exceeding 700 million files.

unmatched global patent database
Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Process Documents with Minimal Delay

In the world of big data, every passing minute can be critical. Freedom-to-operate or novelty searches demand a stable platform with reliable update mechanisms designed to continuously process large volumes of data. Ensure you receive high-volume data transfers within hours of a document’s publication.

Power Your AI Algorithms

Utilize High-Quality, Full-Text English Documents 

Enriched with value added elements such as Machine Translation, Legal Data, normalized names and family data by our dedicated team of experts, LexisNexis IP DataDirect customizes your patent information exactly to your needs.

Power Your AI

Achieve Operational Excellence

Singular Database and Format to Expedite Integration and Time to Market

Get easier and faster integration into your workflow with IP DataDirect. It offers a single format (WIPO St. 36 XML) across 100+ patent authorities. Value added elements such as normalized names offer seamless connections with other data sets, like news or business data.

Optimal Security and Privacy

The Golden Standard in Risk Mitigation and Trustworthiness

Information providers often desire to maintain their own patent database on their premises to meet strict security and privacy guidelines. However, it is also critical to ensure the quality and completeness of the underlying feed of patent data. IP DataDirect gives you the privacy you need while ensuring you are receiving timely and comprehensive patent data.

Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue

Build an Unbeatable Proposition While Saving on Processing Capacity

​Spend more time focusing on your core competencies and efficiently develop unique products using LexisNexis IP solutions. Additionally, we help you understand the impact of our solutions by jointly calculating the effect on costs and potential revenue opportunities.

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