Patent Application Timeline View in Patent Center Streamlines Access to Crucial Documents

Patent Application Timeline View in Patent Center Streamlines Access to Crucial Documents

April 9, 2023

Using patent data and analytics has been shown to greatly benefit patent professionals and their clients. Patent examiner statistics (e.g., an examiner’s relative difficulty level or the average number of office actions they issue) can help professionals manage client expectations of the patent process and develop more efficient prosecution strategies that cut costs in the long run.   

Last year, we launched the LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® Extension to provide you with critical information right where you work in Patent Center and Private PAIR to help you save time and money. 

Expanding on the goal to save you time and money, we’ve now brought the bird’s eye view of a patent application, and easier access to important documents directly into your workflow, by rolling out our recently enhanced QuickPAIR timeline into the PatentAdvisor Extension.  

Benefits of the PatentAdvisor™ Extension 

The free PatentAdvisor Extension streamlines your patent prosecution workflow by providing reliable information right at the point of need on the USPTO’s Patent Center and Private PAIR websites. 

Get immediate access to reliable industry metrics, including: 

  • Examiner Time Allocation (PatentAdvisor ETATM): the single most informative metric for predicting patent examiner behavior
  • Examiner Allowance Rate
  • Art Unit Allowance Rate
  • The average number of office actions to allowance for both the examiner and the Art Unit

Benefits of the QuickPAIR timeline 

Patent professionals can use the PatentAdvisor™ QuickPAIR search tool to uncover a wide variety of patent documents, insights and guidance. Complete patent file wrappers, including office action, petition and appeals documents (just to name a few), can be downloaded without leaving the PatentAdvisor platform. Users can review comprehensive patent document overviews complete with patent prosecution summaries and event timelines, information about ownership, assignments and patent families, and even intelligence on patent litigation. 

The enhanced QuickPAIR timeline allows you to: 

  • Get a complete view of the prosecution path of a patent application  
  • Better manage stakeholder and client expectations through visualizing the prosecution timeline  
  • Save time finding critical information linked directly from the timeline view  
  • Better understand your competitor’s prosecution performance  
  • Get help estimating the length of prosecution  

Now access the patent application timeline view and important documents directly in Patent Center 

When you use the PatentAdvisor Extension you will see insightful statistics embedded right into the USPTO Patent Center website, including the new Quick PAIR timeline*.  

Here is the timeline view in Patent Center with the PatentAdvisor Extension: 

Want to check out the benefits of the new PatentAdvisor QuickPAIR timeline view?  

Download the PatentAdvisor Extension today to work USPTO statistics and advanced patent metrics seamlessly into your workflow:  

    * The Quick PAIR Timeline feature is only available to PatentAdvsior customers or Extension users in their free 30-day trial period.  

Access reliable examiner statistics directly in the USPTO’s PAIR and Patent Center

Get immediate access to the most essential examiner and art unit statistics directly on the USPTO’s websites with the free PatentAdvisor Extension.

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