Importing Metadata

Nicholas Valentino


Metadata Management

You can create custom filters in PatentAdvisor by importing Metadata. Begin by clicking the ellipsis in the top right corner of the PatentAdvisor home page. Click Metadata Management.

In Metadata Management, you can view and edit any previously imported metadata.

You can optimize your firm’s workflow and customize your case management by adding new filters such as Firm Name, Technology Category, and Attorney Name. Your metadata file should contain a column for each of these filters. Your file must be in csv or xlsx format, and it must also contain one column with the application number for each case. This will allow the metadata to map to the cases in PatentAdvisor.

Metadata file example

To add your new metadata, click “+ Upload File with Metadata (csv, xlsx)

You will be prompted to configure your metadata. Identify the column with the application numbers (in this example it is “Application”). Confirm that your custom columns are correct.

Click “Step 1: Prepare metadata.”

Click “Step 2: Confirm and proceed with import.”

You will see a message confirming that the import is finished. Click “Close.”

Your customer filters are now available for use in all PatentAdvisor dashboards! They are available under “Metadata Filters” in the filter sidebar.

If you need to generate a list of application numbers to which you will apply your metadata, you can export a list from PatentAdvisor.

For example, if you would like to apply metadata to all cases managed by your firm, you can visit your Law Firm Dashboard. Hover over the cloud icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard in order to select one of the download options.

This will generate a list of your applications. You can add custom columns with your metadata to this list.

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