Pre-Filing Classification Reports™

Guide your application toward the most favorable art unit with advice from the experts experienced in assigning art units at the USPTO

LexisNexis PathWays™ helps you positively influence the likelihood and the time it takes to get your application granted. Changes in how claims are written can completely change the path of a patent application. The Pre-Filing Classification Reports provide an even greater level of accuracy down to the art unit level.

LexisNexis® IP has collaborated with Serco to provide customized Pre-Filing Classification Reports. Serco has classified over four million patent applications and has developed domain knowledge in patent classification through their work as a classification provider to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office over the past decade.

Pre-Filing Classification Reports provide a clear path for success when drafting patent applications

Pre-Filing Classification Reports enable you to:

Understand how changes to the invention’s description and claims could change where the application is assigned at the USPTO

Take patent drafting to a higher level by targeting or avoiding specific art units with customized drafting guidance

Get the best patent in the shortest amount of time with exclusive insight on which art units have more favorable examiner allowance profiles

Schedule a phone call to speak directly with a classification expert

Pre-Filing Classification Report Pricing

$495 for one custom report and a 15-minute call with a classifying expert.

Bundled report packages are also available at a bulk discount rate.

15% discount: Limited Time Offer

Classification experts for the USPTO provide you with in-depth insight into which art unit your patent application will be assigned. You can then use that insight to tailor your application to target a more favorable art unit and improve your chances of efficient prosecution. Request a sample report to learn more.

Learn how you can guide your application toward the most favorable art unit based on advice from the classification reports.