Webinar Series: Working With You as You Work From Home

As the impact of COVID-19 unfolds, all of us are being challenged with adapting to new ways of working and living. This webinar series covers strategies on saving time and becoming more efficient during this unprecedented period. The new “normal” of everyone needing to work from home poses some major challenges. These webinars show you how to leverage features within each of our LexisNexis IP products to ease this transition and more easily share work with your colleagues while simultaneously increasing your efficiency.

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Working With You as You Work From Home – FAQ

What topics are covered in this series?

LexisNexis IP has devoted this series to conducting in-depth discussions on how patent professionals can best utilize our individual products while they work from home. Each product has its own webinar. These products include: LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®, PatentSight®, TotalPatent One®, and PatentOptimizer®.

Are these webinars only for current customers, or can anyone watch?

All are welcome to learn from our Working From Home Webinar Series.

Webinar Topics:


This webinar covers time-saving strategies in PatentAdvisor to help you when working from home.

Strategy #1: The Application Report in QuickPair. Did you know there is an application report that includes the timeline and guidebook information AND can be exported into a PDF? It even includes the examiner information. The best part of this feature is that the combined report comes out of PA and can be shared with coworkers and clients to help guide conversations around prosecution strategy.

Strategy #2: The Examiner Report. Our Examiner Report allows you to export and share an Examiners Statistics. The reports includes stats on allowance rates, rejection type analysis and appeal record analysis plus much more. This report also exports out of PatentAdvisor making it easy to share, even if the person does not have access to the platform.

Strategy #3: Sharing your briefcases with coworkers. You probably know you can run statistics over portfolios or custom sets of data using briefcases, but did you know the briefcases are sharable? Sharing allows coworkers to share applications, run comparative stats, and monitor the briefcase for important trends without having to recreate the wheel. This way, everyone is working with the same dataset.

TotalPatent One®

This webinar covers time-saving strategies in TotalPatent One to help you when working from home.

Strategy #1: Sharing your saved list with coworkers using our shareable work folders. Many of you use our folders, but did you know they are shareable? Even if the folder was create previously, the share option is always available.

Strategy #2: Sending your alerts to coworkers and clients. You can even choose how the results are displayed in the email.


This webinar covers time-saving strategies in PatentOptimizer to help you when working from home.

Strategy #1: Using Summary Reports to generate a list of errors in a separate word document. This is a great tool to quality check any application. Summary Reports allow you to check an entire applications with just a few clicks. Since the report comes out of PatentOptimizer, it is easy to share with coworkers and clients.

Strategy #2: Saving time by generating an IDS form in five clicks or less.

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