Intellectual property protections allow inventors around the globe to protect their creations of the mind, driving innovation and economic expansion that benefit everyone.

When it comes to patent prosecution on a global scale, it is vital that IP attorneys, law librarians and R&D researchers be confident that their patent research is as thorough as possible – a task that often is complicated by distance, language barriers and inefficiency. Acknowledging this challenge, many prior art searches are outsourced to specialized search firms, but outsourcing can be expensive and may result in unexpected cost overruns if the search requirements exceed the initial estimate.


Firms that want to bring or keep their patent research in-house have a resource that they can rely upon to ensure their prior art research is both comprehensive and cost-effective. For years, LexisNexis® TotalPatent® has been a leading tool for worldwide patent data and analytics. The online patent research and retrieval application combines first-level patent data from authorities around the world with a user-friendly design, powerful search functionality, and access to proprietary LexisNexis and Reed Elsevier content.

Now, new additions to the content collections in TotalPatent ensure that companies that rely on international patent information always have access to the most comprehensive source of global patent data available, as well as the analytical tools that deliver the actionable intelligence that can give a company that critical edge.

Content additions expand depth of research

TotalPatent offers access to the full text of documents from 32 patent authorities around the world, and bibliographic and abstract data from an additional 68 authorities. Databases are updated daily, with additions that include bibliographic data, abstract, full text of patent applications and granted patents, machine translations, PDFs, and images.

Recent content updates include:

  • The full text of Taiwan’s patent data, including English machine translation and additional bibliographic data, now is available. Bibliographic data is available dating back to 1950, while full text is available for granted patents from 1993 onward and for patent applications from 2003 onward.
  • Patent data from India has been supplemented with full text and bibliographic information of documents published between 1912 and 1975. Additional PDFs also are available for documents published since 1975.
  • The number of available WIPO English machine translations for non-Latin language databases has been expanded. Translations now are available for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian for documents from the years 1978 to 2013.
  • Direct links to 22 additional online patent registers, gazettes, and journals from around the world have been added to ensure the most up-to-date records status available.

These product expansions also come with resources to help TotalPatent subscribers ensure they are using these powerful tools to the best advantage. Training, tutorials, videos, quick references, user manuals, and other product documentation can be found in the library of on-demand e-learning resources available to all TotalPatent users.


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