2015-0814_100MPatents-081811-editedA century ago, the population of the United States was 100 million. By 2006, there were 100 million websites on the Internet. And astronomers believe that there are about 100 million planets in our galaxy that could support life. Any way you look at it, 100 million is a pretty big number.

LexisNexis® is proud to announce that TotalPatent®, the flagship patent research tool, recently indexed its 100 millionth patent record. That is a notable milestone for the product and for everyone on our development and support teams. LexisNexis TotalPatent customers are finding that it is also a significant milestone for them, as well.

How does a patent research database accumulate more than 100 million records? By broadening its scope and committing to its mission to be the most comprehensive, precise and dynamic patent research and retrieval service available anywhere. TotalPatent includes the complete full-text patent data of the USPTO, the European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), but that is only the beginning.

With the exponential rate of growth of IP filings in authorities in Asia, gaining and holding market share— especially in the technology industry—requires up-to-the-minute information not just from European countries, but from the powerhouses of China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and more. To be truly useful today, international patent research tools must contain patent data from those authorities and more—and TotalPatent does. The database within TotalPatent includes the records of more than 100 patent authorities, including the full-text patent data from 32 world authorities, to create a more comprehensive collection of patent information than any other IP data solution on the market.

For patent researchers, this means big savings of their most valuable commodity: time. Every one of those more than 100 million patent records can be searched with one click, either in English or the original language of the target patent document. Not surprisingly, 100 million patent records can produce some daunting sets of results. The data mining abilities of TotalPatent, however, enable patent researchers to divide and conquer.

Side-by-side results views allow easy comparative review of individual patent documents or document sets. If visualization is helpful, up to three search results sets can be placed into a Venn diagram to determine which patent documents include the highest degree of overlap. Once the most relevant documents have been tagged for further research, the Work Folders feature in TotalPatent allows researchers to organize them into up to 100 separate folders, each with an unlimited number of potential subfolders. Any of those is equipped to sort and manage up to 20,000 patent records.

Given enough time, we could probably think of 100 million more reasons to use TotalPatent as an intellectual property research tool. For today, though, we think convenient, easy access to 100 million searchable patent records is the only reason anyone needs.