Secure Your Online Revenue and Reputation With LexisNexis® Brand Protection

Mar 24, 2021

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Securing and protecting our clients’ intellectual property (IP) assets is at the core of what we do at LexisNexis® Intellectual Property. To help our customers protect their IP, and now also their brand reputations, relationships and revenue online, we are introducing a new product, LexisNexis® Brand Protection Powered by Appdetex.  

We have created an alliance with the global brand protection expert, Appdetex, to bring online brand protection to the European and Middle Eastern markets. Read our official announcement of the alliance here.

You may be asking yourself, “What does online brand protection mean in this context?” Brand protection is the process of protecting the IP of companies against “bad actors” such as counterfeiters, copyright pirates and other infringers of IP. This is of critical importance to a company, not only because of the loss of revenue and brand equity risks, but also because of the potential damage to the company’s reputation.

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How Vulnerable Are You?

Determine your level of brand protection – or where you may be unknowingly exposed. Take down and disrupt complete abuse networks with greater speed and efficacy.

These highly organized bad actors model their abuse networks by infringing upon the trademarks, brand names, hashtags, slogans and even web page text used by the brands they target. To weave their schemes, they use the same promotional vehicles and digital assets as the brands they target. They build websites and apps, and register related URLs, social profiles and pages to promote themselves. And in the case of counterfeit and grey-market goods, they created seller profiles and marketplace listings.

These sophisticated abuse networks appear “friendly” to their victims, often including customer service chat and bots. Bad actors even take advantage of the latest advances in marketing technology to conduct powerful customer—or more accurately, victim—acquisition strategies, using tracking pixels on their web pages and “retargeting” ads across the web to reinforce their messages.

To combat wide-scale brand abuse, Brand Protection helps businesses identify and defend against brand misuse and hijacking that thrives online. The Brand Protection platform and services efficiently and effectively identify, remove and continuously monitor for brand abuse across the internet.

Explore traditional vs. modern online brand protection technologies to prevent intellectual property threats.

Companies can easily reveal entire brand abuse networks and surface the true scope of illicit online campaigns targeting their valuable brands and their customers with the patent-pending Appdetex Tracer™.

Appdetex Tracer is a critical element of the Brand Protection Platform, designed to help make even the most targeted brands resilient to bad actors’ online attacks. The platform scans major and third-party app stores, e-commerce marketplaces, websites, domains, popular social media sites and search engines for bad actors/infringers. If any are detected, it can automate mitigation through notices of infringement sent directly to all major platforms.

Brands need potent weapons to fight economically motivated bad actors who apply modern digital marketing strategies and technology to conduct systemic brand abuse and take advantage of consumers using the most loved brands as bait. Brand Protection allows us to help reduce risk for our clients, their customers and other valued brands.

How Vulnerable Are You?  Download The Ultimate Brand Protection Checklist

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