Intellectual property protection has always been important to business and the world economy, but perhaps never more so than today. With innovation-sparking around the globe, it often is not enough to protect a company’s ideas and inventions in the United States alone.

The attorneys, paralegals and law librarians who perform international patent research share suggestions and feedback, which often is incorporated into quarterly updates to the TotalPatent data analytics tool.

Recent updates to the application’s search capabilities ensure that users can perform patent research with efficiency, precision and confidence. They include:

  • Expanded customization options. TotalPatent users can set up their own personalized access portals to best support the daily needs of a particular project. Customizable work folders can be configured to present selected views, updated daily, of all claims relevant to a particular business concern. Individual users can also create and configure personalized alerts in order to be notified of changes to individual patents and applications. Additional alerts can be configured to notify users of recent publications based on any combination of key terms, assignee names, patent classifications and more.
  • Simplified assignee look-ups: Whether you want a global view or need to focus on a specific national market or industry, the simplified assignee look-ups in TotalPatent now feature assignee name standardization across the entire database collection. Assignees may now be found under their original name, standardized name, and normalized name. Results can be sorted alphabetically, as well as by ascending or descending number of hits.
  • New highlighting tool: A new highlighting tool that helps users optimize database searches. When viewing search results, work folders, and documents, the highlighting tool may be used to identify terms that are not part of the search strategy. The highlighting tool is found within the control icon cluster and opens in a new window, allowing selection from among 20 color choices.
  • Additional search fields: The addition of new search fields that allow users to search exclusively for first claims or independent claims. The entire TotalPatent database has been indexed for first claims, and the databases from USPTO, EPO, DE (Germany), and KR (Korea) have been indexed for independent claims.

LexisNexis® TotalPatent® simplifies the complex task of international patent research, with full-text English translations from 32 patent authorities around the world, and bibliographic and abstract data from 68 more.

But the depth and breadth of the patent data is just one attraction. Making that data useful requires search capabilities that can deliver intelligence companies can act on to file for IP protection in other countries, to monitor developments at an acquisition target or a competitor, or to identify the next opportunity for innovation in an industry.

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