Horsham, Penn. – April 10, 2017 – LexisNexis® IP announces exciting enhancements to its patent prosecution analytics solution, PatentAdvisor. These enhancements will allow users to easily tailor their results to suit their specific needs, create and share organization-wide templates while working within a new, streamlined user interface. PatentAdvisor customers can now quickly and easily monitor competitive patent activity and their own patent portfolios as they desire to see them.

The user interface design has been reimagined to support an improved user experience including powerful dashboard views with the ability to open/close each section, filter, export and print all from one view. The Prosecution Pattern Monitoring tool has dynamic new preference settings based on predefined prosecution events and favorites, sharing capabilities and more functionality and visibility of Quick Links. These latest enhancements provide greater efficiencies for customizing your approach to patent prosecution, identifying at-risk patents and efficiently managing a patent portfolio.

“Helping IP professionals improve patent prosecution outcomes and maximize resources for managing a patent portfolio is the key mission of PatentAdvisor. Understanding the patent prosecution process according to one’s own industry provides the insight needed to develop effective strategies to manage prosecution, budgets and risk.  These enhancements further enable customers to access powerful tools that quickly and easily deliver results that save time and resources so that PatentAdvisor can continue to deliver a competitive advantage for its customers,” said Christopher Holt, Reed Tech Vice President, Patent Analytics.

PatentAdvisor brings data-driven insight to the prosecution and management of patents. With PatentAdvisor, IP professionals can confidently manage an entire portfolio or just one application.  Users can gain a deeper knowledge of the statistical patterns of examiners and art units, understand how aggressive to be in amending claims, and evaluate an entire portfolio through a variety of data visualization tools.

The new enhancements for PatentAdvisor are now available to all existing and new subscribers. LexisNexis PatentAdvisor enhancements can be reviewed immediately. You can also request a demonstration today –  for law firms or for corporations.

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